July 14, 2024

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Areios Pagos calls for an investigation into the “Mafia of Mykonos”.

Areios Pagos calls for an investigation into the “Mafia of Mykonos”.

For the preliminary examination of the “Mafia of Mykonos” Supreme Court lawyer G. Adelinis ordered the procurator’s office of Athens.

Death Penalty Early choice for “Mafia of Mykonos”.With the investigation being extended to all the Cyclades in Athens and Thessaloniki, the lawyer of the Supreme Court G. Adelinis ordered the procurator’s office of Athens.

Later order Surveyor Engineer Murdered at Neo PsychicoTo the Deputy Prosecutor of Appeals of Athens, Supervisor of the Directorate of Attica Security in the Investigation of Organized Crime and Chairman of the Coordinating Council for Analysis and Investigations of the Ministry of Civil Defense and mentions:


Deputy Solicitor of the Athens Appeals,

Supervisor of the Attica Security Directorate in the Investigation of Organized Crime and Head of the Analysis and Investigation Coordination Group of the Ministry of Civil Defense

The recent murder of PS, a surveyor engineer in Psychiko, highlights the need to deal with serious crimes characterized by the press as the “Mykonos mafia” on the island, implementing and using appropriate mechanisms for this purpose. , the state is at its disposal. From the attached press releases, a statement from a resident of Mykonos dated 8/7/2024, received by the Directorate of Electronic Criminal Prosecutions and submitted to us on 9/7/2024. The Attica Security Directorate highlights the absolute necessity of the Commission’s investigation of serious crimes activity, buying and selling of real estate and the “security” of businesses, murders, serious bodily harm, money laundering from criminal activities, serious violations of the Urban Planning Act, the Antiquities Protection Act, the environment, drug trafficking, counterfeiting etc.).

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The aforementioned criminal activity is not limited to the island of Mykonos, but seems to have spread to other islands of the Cyclades, even to Athens and Thessaloniki.

In view of the above, we ask for your legal actions, including the exercise of your freely recognized right to conduct a preliminary examination or preliminary investigation (Article 4 para.3 of Law 2265/1994, as applicable). To fight the above-mentioned criminal activities and to recover illegality, the Security Directorate of Attica, as well as using all your practical possibilities (removing telephone privacy, conducting investigations, special investigative measures, etc.).

Finally, inform the competent deputy counsel of the Supreme Court about the progress of your investigations.

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