July 14, 2024

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Fire now in Acharnes – call 112 – factories burnt down

Fire now in Acharnes – call 112 – factories burnt down

The fire alarm was raised at the fire department on Tuesday night Karamanli Avenue in Acharnes, among the company’s facilities.

The fire spread in low vegetation and due to strong winds, it increased in size.

The fire broke out around 2:00 a.m. Wednesday, according to the fire department Great movie.

Commercial facilities have been damaged, although a final assessment will be made once the shutdown is complete.

According to the fire department, the ground forces have been strengthened and 88 firefighters, 2 infantry units and 24 vehicles are deployed at the scene. Subscriptions are provided by local water bodies and volunteer firefighters.

There was a fire in Wood and paper mill facilities as well as in Plastic factory And were constantly asked Explosions.

Continuous Traffic regulations Conducted due to fire.

Specifically, according to the police, they are being carried out Detour of vehicles On Karamanli Street, upstream from the elevation of Foundoukias Street, and upstream from the elevation of Dikelias Street.

Also, vehicle replacement works are being carried out in Acharna area.

  • Karamanlis and Tekelia Streets,
  • Tatoiou and Dekelia Street,
  • Tatoiou and Artemis streets and
  • At the Metamorfosi intersection towards Tatoiou Street.

Finally, according to the latest information from the police, in Acharna area, at the intersection of Spiros Vretos and Kypros streets, vehicles are being diverted towards Spiros Vretos.

Actually, 112 rang

After some time, it was sent And the second message Residents near Helitonus Creek are being asked to stay indoors and close doors and windows.

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The burning smoke and stench reached the southern suburbs.