April 18, 2024

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Aris Portusalt-Katerina Kayinurgo: “Some people just can’t understand,” says the journalist

Aris Portusalt-Katerina Kayinurgo: “Some people just can’t understand,” says the journalist

Aris Portosalte takes a position on what Katerina Kayinurgio wrote about an intervention she received from a well-known journalist about the Tempe tragedy.

Although Aris Portosalte’s name was never mentioned by Katerina Kainurgio, he was put on the subject by SKAI’s morning show. He spoke of “falsification” and asked those expressing their opinion either not to pass them through the “sifter” or not to do so “if they are unable to understand it”.

Aris Portosalte himself avoided naming Katerina Kainourgiou, but continued to say: “We have a lot of violence, it’s seriously escalated. It’s violence based on fraud.”

“Because we’re growing up and living in a place where talking is so easy we can tell about each other, can I make a rule? Don’t fake what we hear, don’t pass it through our filter and understand it as we want to understand it or we can’t understand it.”

He continued: “The fact that in Greece we are back in the competition of Besa in understanding the text means that I hear something and do not understand it.” In fact, to Dimitris Oikonomu’s remark that there are some people who act like they don’t understand, he said that “there’s a lot of falsification, I don’t want to say anything else, I’ll stick to that.”

Finally, in response to Dimitris Okonomo’s statement that anyone can speak his mind, Aris Portusalt noted, “Saying that my friend, no faking, nothing. And if you still don’t want to target with intent, when you’re faking, you give motivation to target.”

What Katrina Kayinurgio wrote on Twitter

And Katrina Kayinurgio revealed, on Monday, that a journalist had contacted her to make a remark about Tempe: “I received a reprimand by phone from the journalist, who sparked a storm of reactions for his position on the Tempe tragedy, because of the criticism directed at him through the broadcast. In my strong tone … He recommended that “I should not deal with these things”… while he was talking rudely about Andreas Mikrotzikos saying that “life didn’t turn out for him the way he wanted”… Did this man only scold him by phone or did he also call his other colleagues?.. .”.

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Andreas Mikrotsikos: No more Portosalte in my life

Andreas Mikrotsikos, speaking on the Katerina Kaynoorgio show, said of the issue: “Scumbags lurk and we can’t generalize them. I say both nouns and adjectives. I just don’t give a title so we don’t go to extremes.”

“The unauthorized, non-existent, non-historical SKAI that we had from the past. Ares Portusalt. We had him for a long time and I was saying to Yannis Alafouzo “what do you want from him?”. Since then, I have admired “jijifioge”, “comilfo”. I did not I’ve never had anything to do with anyone. So I said what’s this, John? And along the way it started to become a lever as if we were checking our stamina as a people every day. It’s like I’m checking what’s going to happen to me too.

No more Portosalte in my life. You invaded my life and medicine saved me the second and third times, but a portusalt horn I will never put on my head again! Andreas Mikrotikos said.

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