April 1, 2023

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Manousos Manousakis: “I would like fate to happen…” – Shocked by the revelation of his death

What happened;

Manousos Manousakis gave a full interview to “So” magazine.

The director of successful works of Greek television referred to the business part, which he obviously loves very much, but also to the family part that he created.

In more detail, Manousakis admitted that the reason for his devotion to the profession was not as much as he would like to be next to his children, which is explained by the fact that due to his passion for directing, he would like to. dies on the job.

Revelation of Manousos Manousakis on his death

How are you as a father? Have you had time to deal with your children?

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to deal with raising children. I’m sorry about that but I can’t go back in time. What I never imagined is that they would express this complaint to me. There I was surprised and my children were old when they told me.

Is it true that you would like the death to occur at the time of the shooting?

Ideally, I would like him to come … fateful at the time of shooting. When I say “Let’s go!” , let’s finish. To be strong, to be thriving and energetic even in this moment, at my end! But I don’t expect that right away.

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