February 26, 2024

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Artificial Intelligence enters all cars – what is changing at Google?

Artificial Intelligence enters all cars – what is changing at Google?

With the aim of improving road safety levels, Google announced the integration of artificial intelligence programs into its famous Android Auto application.

As the amazing competitor to Apple's CarPlay, Android Auto is intended for Android smartphone users to display mobile applications and functions on the screen of the compatible in-car multimedia system.

The Android Auto app is constantly being improved to make it easier to use and to help improve driver comfort and safety on the road. The latest updates announced by Google aim to achieve exactly this goal and bring AI to play.

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The American company announced this later in the year It will continue to upgrade the Android Auto app by integrating AI software into itThis will help reduce the amount of time the driver is distracted from the road while driving.

In particular, the American company stated that its artificial intelligence programs It will be able to summarize long SMS or group chats and present them to the motoristand at the same time it will also suggest relevant answers so that the person sitting behind the wheel does not have to think or touch the screen.

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The driver will also be able, all at once, to… Activating the navigation system based on the location received via the message and also sending the estimated time of arrival For those interested, please contact him by phone.

Along with these important changes that It makes Android Auto convenient and easy to drive while improving road safetyGoogle also announced that its application will accurately transfer the overall image of each mobile phone's screen to the multimedia system's touch screen.

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