February 22, 2024

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iOS 17.3 with Stolen Device Protection – iPhone released

iOS 17.3 with Stolen Device Protection – iPhone released

Starting today, iOS 17.3 is available for all iPhones that support Stolen Device Protection.

This feature is supposed to prevent thieves from stealing your iPhone and quickly accessing everything stored in iCloud, as well as other important accounts like your bank or email. Instead of relying on your lock screen passcode for your security (as thieves have learned to trick people into entering it in front of them before stealing a phone), protecting a stolen device requires you to scan your fingerprint or use Face ID when performing certain actions, like viewing saved passwords or progress. Apply for a new Apple Card.

The feature also offers a waiting period when performing more sensitive actions, such as changing the Apple ID or iPhone password, giving the user time in the event of a theft to take appropriate action. In the iOS 17.3 update notes, Apple states: “The security delay requires using Face ID or Touch ID, waiting one hour, then additional successful biometric authentication” before the process can be completed, ensuring that the person doing this The action is really you.

Additionally, Apple is bringing Collaborative Playlists to both iOS 17.3 and macOS 14.3 Sonoma, which allows friends to join and contribute to playlists through the Apple Music app.

The detailed list of all the changes that iOS 17.3 brings

Protect stolen device

  • Stolen Device Protection further protects your iPhone and Apple ID by requiring you to use Face ID or Touch ID without the option to use a passcode to perform certain actions

  • The security delay requires using Face ID or Touch ID, waiting an hour, and then additional successful biometric authentication before sensitive operations can be performed, such as changing the device passcode or Apple ID password.

Lock the screen

  • The new Unity wallpaper honors African American history and culture in celebration of African American History Month


  • the Playlist collaboration lets you invite friends to join your playlist so they can add, rearrange, and remove songs

  • You can add emoji reactions to any song in your collaborative playlist

This update also includes the following improvements:

  • AirPlay support allows hotels to stream content directly to the in-room TV in some hotels

  • The AppleCare & Warranty section in Settings displays coverage for all devices you've signed in with your Apple ID

  • Improvements to traffic detection (available on all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models)

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