June 1, 2023

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ASUS ROG Ally portable gaming console launching on June 13th, starting at €699 – Asus

ASUS has finally announced the final price of the ROG Ally which is more affordable than many expected, confirming recent leaks.

As reported in recent information, the ASUS gaming laptop has been confirmed to be priced from $600 for its base version which comes with an AMD Z1 processor and 512GB of storage. However, pre-orders in the US are only for the second ROG Ally Edition, the version with the best chipset, the Z1 Extreme, which will cost $700. At the moment, we know that the Extreme version will be launched at least first in the United States, specifically on June 13th.

Both versions include a 7-inch touchscreen, 120Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 16GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. And if the integrated GPU isn’t “powerful” enough, ASUS offers the ability to connect the ROG Ally to an external GPU we know from its laptops.

ROG Ally is ASUS’ answer to Valve’s Steam Deck, not to mention Ayaneo and GPD’s offerings. It’s supposed to be twice as powerful as Steam Deck, while still offering a higher quality screen. And since it’s running Windows 11 instead of Valve’s custom Linux environment, it can run games from many online stores without some level of compatibility that can limit performance. In theory, you’re only missing the more advanced touchpads and analog sticks.

As far as autonomy is concerned, the first reviews already show performance close to Steam Deck levels, with the time changing dramatically depending on the game and consumption. According to the site review the edge, users should expect similar autonomy – but also better performance – from Steam Deck. In the few games that run at 10W, battery life is close to 4 hours, while relatively speaking, battery life is around 2 hours when ROG Ally is running at 20W and 1 hour when the game uses the full 40W. Here is a detailed table with consumption for many recent games.

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ROG Ally wattage

game and/or app

Wattage (ally)

Between us + discord

13-14 watts


24-26 watts

dead cells

14-15 watts

Duck game + discord

13-15 watts

Sheikh’s ring (performance)

27W in the test area

Sheikh’s ring (turbine)

46.5 watts in the test area

golden eye 007 (Xbox Cloud Games)

12 watts

Netflix (Chrome)

10-14 watts

Yoke: Automata

22-28 watts

Papers, please

11-12 watts

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

12-13.5 watts

Redfall (performance)

24-25 watts

Redfall (turbine)

40-50 watts

Slay the spire

9.8 watts (12 watts max brightness)

The Last of Us Part One (turbine)

40-50 watts

Enders Zone 2

23-25 ​​watts

In Europe, specifically in Greece, the information tells us that the Extreme version of ROG Ally will be released in the coming weeks initially at a price of 799 euros, while the “simple” version will cost 699 euros.