October 4, 2023

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Atari and Plion announce the Atari 2600+ Retro Console – Games

Atari and Plion announce the Atari 2600+ Retro Console – Games

Atari has teamed up with Plaion for a new retro home console. The Atari 2600+ console pays homage to the first Atari 2600 that thrilled disco-era kids from 1977, though this re-release is based on the four-key model from 1980.

The console “plays” both Atari 2600 and 7800 games. However, if they don’t have one, console buyers will need to look for game cartridges (in their physical form) as the old system only required them. It comes with a set of 10 titles, and the main games don’t include Pac-Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pitfall, etc. .

The console, according to Atari and Plaion, “has been lovingly recreated to the same specifications as the original” despite only being 80% the size. The console’s “extra” features come in the form of an HDMI output with widescreen support. The company claims that the system has an enlarged cartridge slot to prevent the cartridge from becoming stuck in the slot while the Atari logo lights up when the console is turned on.

The system includes an updated version of the classic Atari CX40 joystick, now called the CX40+. Although the console supports two players, only one controller is included in the package (if you need a second controller, you can order it for an additional cost of $25). The company claims that a modernized version of the CX-30 Paddle Controller is already in development.

Included in the free games provided with the console are Adventure, Combat, Dodge ‘Em, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Missile Command, RealSports Volleyball, Surround, Video Pinball and Yars’ Revenge.

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Also published by Atari full list of compatible cartridges/games. Both companies and potential buyers may think that searching for cartridges (for which they may have to pay a large amount of money) is part of…the journey with this particular implementation.


Remember, the classic video game maker released the Atari VCS (more than two years late) but unfortunately consumer interest waned after the initial excitement with the company making the decision to discontinue the aging console to revamp and redefine its hardware and gaming business. Business strategy. And now, we believe we’re seeing the first fruits of this strategy thanks to its partnership with Plaion. The Atari 2600+ will be released “worldwide” on November 17th for $130 (and an additional $25 for those who wish to purchase a second joystick).

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