February 26, 2024

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ATHENS: Car stripped and abandoned in field – watch shocking pictures

ATHENS: Car stripped and abandoned in field – watch shocking pictures

A picture of an SUV stolen in an area of ​​Athens broke hearts when it was found.

Uncontrollable levels have taken in recent months Car theftsOwners, and especially those without a well-protected area, are deeply concerned about the future of their vehicle.

Every day we learn New car theft incidents, The owners woke up one morning to find their car had grown…wings. After overcoming the shock of “loss”, the victims contact the police officers, while a few do not resort to it. social media, Asks users for any information that might help them find “traces” of IX.

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Attempts were made to locate someone through social media Peugeot 3008 It was stolen in the early hours of Saturday, January 13 “Kivotos” Theater in Piraeus.

User “X” (formerly Twitter) posted pictures of the stolen vehicle, asking his followers Re-tweet. With over 1,000 reposts, users lend a helping hand.

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However, the Peugeot 3008 does not have a happy ending. Even if it was located, its condition alone could not have given its owner any satisfaction. Small and medium SUV Completely removedIt bears no resemblance to the car its owner drives.

Doors, seats, steering wheel, many mechanical parts etc. Shining by their absence, all we see now is one corpse.

Chances are the car's parts have been stripped to be sold on the “black market” for spare parts.

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