February 20, 2024

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Athens or Thessaloniki: which city is more expensive?

Athens or Thessaloniki: which city is more expensive?

The Accuracy Cost of living is always a hot topic for everyone Greek. Of course Prices in Athens Housing rent, fuel and necessities are very strict. But how do its prices compare? with Thessaloniki;

The site gives the correct answer InsensitiveCompiled a complete list Price comparison Between capital and co-capital, for various goods and services by category. How to gently bring it to the Athenians? Maybe, you want to Finally think about moving.

But first the bill. According to the site, you will need approx 3.375in Thessaloniki To maintain the same standard of living that you can have 3.500 in Athens (Assuming you rent in both cities).

This calculation compares the cost of living using a cost of living and rent index Net profit.

“Confounding” differences

Epigrammatically, there are huge differences in rental prices in Thessaloniki 16.2% Low than Athens.

Still, consumer prices in Thessaloniki include rent 3.6% under, when Restaurant prices 6.0% Low than Athens.


Focus values ​​also register outrageous differences. For a meal for two people in Athens (55 euros) you will pay approx 13% More than Thessaloniki (€47) including beer 20% (5 vs. 4€ average price).

Consumer goods

“Gaps” will also be felt on supermarket shelves. Thessaloniki has 16% cheaper rice (€2.08), and 13% cheaper milk (€1.38), but 23.8% more expensive oranges (€1.51/kg) and 21% more expensive spinach (1, €11).

Shipping costs

Taxi in Thessaloniki | Shutterstock

Gasoline prices do not differ between the two cities, with Thessaloniki outperforming by just -1.1%.

But as the cost of taking a taxi per kilometer is 44.4% higher, the fee is golden in equity capital (€1.30/km). However, the new metro is the exact opposite of the metro in Athens, as it is 16.7% cheaper (€1.00).


Overall, monthly costs for electricity, water, heating, water supply and garbage collection for an 85 square meter space were 37.8% higher in Thessaloniki (€279.73) than in Athens (€203.04).


An unexpected difference is seen in sports, as the lease for the use of a private tennis court in Athens is on average €23.88, which is 23.6% more expensive than in Thessaloniki (€18.23).


Co-primary by state is children's education, with average costs for their attendance at kindergartens, day care centers and private all-day schools being 20.5% lower (€354.90). 29.8% decrease (€6,744.12).


View of Ermo | Urokinesis

Apart from looking at the women's clothing, the contrasts here are not worth mentioning. For reference, the price of summer clothing in chains such as Zara and H&M is 18.6% lower in Athens (€31.19).


Here we have a reason why you might “migrate” to the North. Rents in Thessaloniki are absolutely low, in particular, minus 9.6% (€501.00) for a studio apartment in the center, minus 14.5% (€402.94) outside the center, minus 13.7% (€863.03). Center and incredible minus 24.1 % (672.41 €) for a three-room apartment in the suburbs.

Also, while property values ​​in city centers do not show a significant difference, an apartment in the suburbs costs minus 27.3% (€2,037.50/sq m) in Thessaloniki.

Properties in Athens
View from the border of Athens, Lycabettus | EUROKINISSI / STELIOS MISINAS


Of course, no one is immune to inflation. Thessaloniki records a significantly lower average salary without tax by 15.6% (€833.12 compared to €986.82 in Athens).

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