April 19, 2024

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Attorney's intervention in potential liability of police officers

The intervention of her superior Athens Principal Prosecutor's Office caused forests Femicide mentioned next Agio Anargro Police Department Especially complaints about the shortage of police officers.

Potential responsibilities of police officers under the “microscope”.

The Solicitor He ordered an inquiry to ascertain the criminal responsibilities of the police officers on duty Ati akioi anarchoi There the 28-year-old scolded his ex-partner.

The Mr. Eleftherianos Ordered to conduct preliminary examination after sending to Prosecutor's Office A case file has been registered for the next murder AT. The investigation will be conducted from the perspective of Police officers Dereliction of duty. The lawyer conducting the investigation will wait for its outcome EDE.

He attacked him in front of the police

He said Open girl I felt threatened by it She saw the culprit under her house, so she rushed Agios Anargiro Police Station To ask for help. Even himself He asked the police to take her home in a patrol carFearing for her life, the accused approached her as she was leaving the AT and stabbed her.

Regarding the presence of police officers at the scene, the report states that one police officer was present Ward postAt the same time, he is said to be guilty EL.AS assaulted her in the presence of men and her boyfriend He came with her to create her complaint.

In a video-documentary made public by the program “Hour of Grease”, it was witnessed minutes after the murder. murder It happened almost in front of Akioi Anargroi police station.

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Ordered by EDE

It is significant Ordered by EDE By the General Police Director of Attica regarding what happened or did not happen in the police department Akioi Anargyro. In fact, the details that have come to light are shocking 28 years old Called 100 When he attacked her 39-year-old and in the center of the immediate action they could hear her screaming.

The Chronicles

It is to be noted that the 28-year-old saw her 39-year-old ex-partner and accomplice outside her house last night. She immediately went to the police station with her friend Agioi Anarchron to condemn him. While leaving the police station, a 39-year-old man attacked her and stabbed her. In front of her boyfriend and the police. The woman started running as her boyfriend screamed for help. Convicted at the time He stabbed himself.

ELAS: She didn't file a lawsuit against her partner – there's a panic button

The custody In his statement, he gave his own version of the incident, noting that the gruesome murder was not far from the police station. However, he did not answer why the request of the unfortunate 28-year-old girl who drove to his house in a patrol car was not accepted:

Yesterday (April 1, 2024) at about 22:10 hours, the victim went to Ajioyi Anarkiro Police Station with a familiar person where she narrated the incidents against her in the past. Her former partner And which He had complained to the police. At the same time, she described seeing her ex-partner leaving her house earlier and on the same day.

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During her stay in the service No complaint was lodged against himExpression of desire To be transported by patrol car In her house.

On her way out of the police station she called for immediate action and bystanders He was talking to an operatorIn the presence of her beloved, she accepted Sudden attack from Her ex-partner stabbed her with a knife and then killed himself. The accused was also arrested He is treated as a guard In a psychiatric hospital in Athens.

From 2020 onwards, it is asserted that it is drawn up Operating Guide CompanionDomestic violence cases are drawn up in cooperation with the prosecuting authorities. The Ethics These are sent to all police agencies dealing with domestic violence cases and are being updated regularly.

Codes form the basis of continuous training of police personnel. Yes, they are currently working 18 business offices The country deals with domestic violence, two of which are in western Attica. Already, 45 more have been created, one in each police station.

In addition, from 2023 victims have access to a special application of direct and timely notification of the police with the possibility of geolocation. (Panic button)

It is noteworthy that the Attica General Police Directorate has ordered Oath Administration Exam, In order to investigate the actions of the police officers involved in the case.