April 13, 2024

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The 28-year-old asked to be escorted by a patrol car

The 28-year-old asked to be escorted by a patrol car

Serious questions about why the victim's claim was denied after she filed a complaint against her ex-partner who assaulted her minutes later.

Evidence of a new femicide at Agioi Anargyros is shocking. A 28-year-old woman fell down and died After being assaulted by his ex-partner, A few meters away from the local police station, she went to report him for violent behaviour.

In fact, serious questions arise from this case, according to ERT, the unfortunate woman, who was at AT to complain with her friend, She asked police officers to take her home in a patrol car.

However, according to MEGA's report, the response he received from the police was: That was not possible and she herself had to call for immediate action.

When he left the police station and at that time he said Tried to call 100The 28-year-old was assaulted by her ex-partner, who managed to escape a few meters from her sight. Despite his boyfriend and others trying to stop him, the fatal stab wounds..

The 39-year-old accused, according to police officials, He turned the knife on himself and injured himself. Later he was transferred to “Jennimedas” hospital by ambulance with police officers.

Security forces are investigating Establishing the entire history between the victim and the perpetrator And clarify the circumstances of this heinous crime.

Police notification

In this regard, the notification issued by GADA said:

“A short time ago, a woman was found seriously injured by a sharp object in the area of ​​Aki Anargiri. From the scene, the alleged assailant was taken to the hospital by ambulance with police officers. A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Athens Security Directorate.