February 22, 2024

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Bad weather across the country with rain and snow

Bad weather across the country with rain and snow

Officials have issued warnings due to inclement weather in many parts of the country with rain, extreme cold and snowfall.

In parts of Western Macedonia, schools will be closed on Wednesday (10.01.2024) due to bad weather and snow, and bells will ring an hour later in other schools.
An hour later, elementary and middle schools in Arnaia, Halkidiki Municipality, Aristoteli, will also be operational due to snowfall.

Snowfall in Attica, Barnitas Avenue – Due to snowfall, the traffic police ordered the suspension of vehicular traffic from the height of the cable car in the Acharna area, where the temperature reached -2 ​​degrees.

Vehicular traffic with anti-skid chains in Hortiatis, Panorama and Pefkas

After 9pm, due to bad weather, vehicular traffic on Hortiati, Panorama and Befka in Thessaloniki is limited to anti-skid chains or snow tires.

Anti-slip chains are also required in Asvestochori, Exochi, Filiro and Hortiati settlements of Hortiati Municipal Unit.

Reminder that vehicular traffic is prohibited on the provincial road Hortiati – Agios Vassiliou.

The provincial road Metamorfosi – Metaggitsiou, 1st km, in Poligyros, Halkidiki Municipality, is closed due to overflowing stream.

Snow in the villages of Evia

After 20.00, he placed it in the mountain villages of Evia. As you can see in the pictures below, it snowed in the villages of Seta, Kadi, Stropones, Agia Sophia and Tribion ​​Mesabia in the municipality of Kimi Alivari, as well as in the shelter of Tirbios.

It snowed in Evia

Snow in Evia

Overnight, snow and sleet is expected above 600-700 meters, which will be maintained till Wednesday noon and afternoon.

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What will the weather be like on Wednesday?

According to the weather forecast of the National Observatory of Athens, on Wednesday January 10, 2024, clouds with local rain are predicted in the lowland and coastal areas of the Eastern Mainland, Eastern Peloponnese, Sporades, Evia, Cyclades. In Crete and the East Aegean Islands.

Temporarily snow showers are expected in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Thessaly, Eastern Styria, Evia, and in parts of Thessaly and the northeastern Aegean islands in the morning. Local snowfall is expected in the mountains of Crete. In other parts of the country, some clouds increased temporarily. In the northern continental areas, locally strong in western Macedonia, frost is observed in the evening and early morning hours.

Temperatures range from -4 to 7 degrees in northern Greece (-7 to 1 degrees in western Macedonia), 3 to 8 degrees in central and southern Greece, 5 to 13 degrees in western Greece (-2 to 8 degrees in Epirus), Cyclades and 7 to 11 degrees in Crete, 5 to 10 degrees in the East Aegean Islands (2 to 5 degrees in the Northeast Aegean Islands), 11 to 14 degrees in the Dodecanese.

Winds from northerly directions in the Aegean, around 6-7 Beaufort and locally gale-force 8 Beaufort, will gradually weaken, while in the Ionian it will generally be moderate to easterly 3-5. Beaufort.

Watch the trend of bad weather live

Weather in Athens and Thessaloniki

Temporarily increased clouds, temporary rain in the north and east and snow in the mountains in the mornings are expected in Attica on Wednesday. The effects gradually weaken and then stop.
The temperature ranges from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, but in the north it is 2-3 degrees lower.
Winds will be moderate to strong 5-6 Beaufort from the North and near gale force 7 Beaufort in the East.

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Temporarily increasing clouds are expected in Thessaloniki on Wednesday. The temperature ranges from 1 to 6 degrees Celsius.
Winds in Thermikos will blow from northwesterly directions, initially moderate at 4-5 Beaufort, gradually weakening.