February 26, 2024

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The first snow fell in Barnita – the cold invasion begins

The first snow fell in Barnita – the cold invasion begins

Barnita is wearing white today, while bad weather is expected in the coming days. Showers and localized storms will be prominent today Eastern and Southern DivisionsEvents are intense in the Cyclades, Crete, the East Aegean Islands, the Dodecanese and the southern Peloponnese.

Snowfalls It is represented in the mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of Macedonia, Thessaly, and Evia, as well as in low-elevation areas of Thrace and the northeastern Aegean islands.

Tomorrow's precipitation episode with the most extreme events expected, according to the classification of precipitation episode (Regional Precipitation Index) used by the Meteo Unit of the National Observatory of Athens, Classified in category 3 (important).

The Saturday Cold day, fresh cold air masses will come to our country

Further, Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese will have localized hail and perhaps the southern Peloponnese. Also, there will be a significant strengthening of winds in the Aegean, where they will blow from northerly directions at almost 7 Beaufort and the North Aegean gale-force at 8 Beaufort. A significant drop in temperature will be felt especially in the north and then in other eastern parts.

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