October 4, 2023

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Bad Weather Daniel: A Cattle Farmer Found Dead in Tomoko – Karditsa in the “Sea” Plain, Thessaly Live

Bad Weather Daniel: A Cattle Farmer Found Dead in Tomoko – Karditsa in the “Sea” Plain, Thessaly Live

Bad weather Daniel continues to thrash parts of the country for a third day. Four people have died so far, a cattle farmer was found dead in Petrodo Tomoko a short time ago, while the damage to infrastructure, property, crops and businesses is incalculable. It has become a big lake The Thessalian plainEven now Plains of Karditsa. The Marble There is no electricity and water for the third day Pelion Residents are being cut off. The municipalities of Magnesia, Sporades, Kurtitsa, Trikala and Agia, Killar and Farsala of Thessaly are in a state of emergency. Fthiotida also has many problems.

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The villages were found amidst bad weather Parsala and Tomokos. The rivers in the region were overflowing. Residents left their homes. The road from Tomokos to the Monastery is closed tricycleBut two roads lead to Farsala.

Bad weather Daniel: Cattle farmer found dead in Tomoko -
Furgatona trikala (AP Photo/Vakelis Kucioras)

Residents living on rooftops or high places in several villages in the municipality of Palamas are calling for help in all villages in its plains. Carditsa It is under water.
The intervention of the armed forces, EMAK, has been requested, while helicopters have also been requested to evacuate civilians. Complete destruction in the villages of Vlohos and Metamorfosi. Community leaders are making dramatic pleas for dozens of people who are waiting for help and need to be freed.
In the village of Agia Trida in Karditsa, the water level has reached three meters, with residents reporting that they cannot find their fellow villagers.

In ten houses Morphophony at Plastra Lake collapsed and others suffered severe damage. In Kipseli village, around 200 people were trapped.

City situation tricycleThe Lithios River overflowed in many places, resulting in the entire neighborhood becoming a pond.
Trikkaia Municipality will announce the places where citizens can stay.

By decision of the Prime Minister Kyriakou Mitsotakis, in consultation with the Region of Thessaly, for better coordination of all activities in Magnesia, Karditsa, Trikala, Larissa, an operational center is created at the headquarters of the region in Larissa, which will be central, with direct cooperation and coordination. ESKEDIK of Political Security. Government representative Pavlos Marinakis He said the aerial vehicles are ready to fly as soon as clearance is given and operations are being prioritized.

at Rovis of Northern Evia The floodwaters overflowed and submerged many houses. Problems have also been created in the road network as roads are closed while machines try to restore traffic.

The Skiathos The state of emergency is declared, the bad weather continues to count the injuries brought by “Daniel”, the scenes of the Sporades island are buzzing: houses and shops, severe damage to the infrastructure, evacuation of residents and problems with electricity and water supply They create the picture of the next day.

A fire department press representative at an emergency meeting Vasilis Vatragogiannis He said boating operations are carried out with great care, explaining that where engines are used, the materials being transported make their movement difficult, and at other times the speed of the water does not allow access. He added, “Lightning activity does not allow aerial vehicles to enter flooded areas.

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“We are facing the most difficult incident in the history of civil protection. All incidents have absolute priority and priority according to the level of danger that each of our fellow citizens is in,” said a press representative of the fire department of ERT. John Baker.

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