October 4, 2023

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Blue Horizon: Dramatic minutes before Antonis’ murder – What an eyewitness has to say about the tragedy in Phrae (vid)

Blue Horizon: Dramatic minutes before Antonis’ murder – What an eyewitness has to say about the tragedy in Phrae (vid)

A new video document has come to light from the night in Praeus showing how the unfortunate Antonis was at the front of the ship in the minutes before he was killed by the crew.

The details around her become more and more shocking Antonis Kargiot, 36, was murderedh, while until today most people were talking about him being late to port, a new video document has been released that proves that not only was he not late, but he was outside the boat for some time and was actually speaking. A few minutes later the people sent him to his death.

As can be seen in the video, Antonis enjoys his last moments in the port of Phrae… before the ship departs for Crete. The 36-year-old man observes the traffic of cars, the loading of trucks, the hubbub of the harbor … He constantly changes his position on the docks, sitting for a while at the back of the ships., He speaks to the crew and port staffSometimes it helps to solve the problem.

After the loading process is complete and the Blue Horizon is ready to take off, he runs to board… As soon as he steps on the ship’s catapult, the people who were talking to him a few minutes ago push him off.

Smiling at them as always, he insists…maybe his look is scary, he insists that this is his ship. He has paid the ticket, he has to board, it is time to go home …

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Yet these people – no idea why – decided not to board Antonis boat and the sequel of the video will haunt us forever! The Antonis was again violently repulsed. He lost his balance and fell into the water There is a commotion at the port. The passengers screamed as they saw what was happening, but the ship continued towards its destination as if nothing had happened, leaving the 36-year-old’s lifeless body floating in the harbor waters.

A final “goodbye” in an atmosphere of heartbreak

Antonis Gargiotis was led into the arms of the Cretan land yesterday in an atmosphere of heartache and anger. Agios Nikolaos Obituary, Crete Mourning. Shock throughout the country of Greece!

The murder of Antonis Gargiotis activates community reflection and brings to the fore state errors and omissions that endanger the Antonis of the world.

The demand for justice goes hand in hand with the demand that Antonis’ death should not be forgotten, that his loss paves the way for action to protect all forms of diversity.

3 out of 4 team members are lawyers

Today, three of the four members of the “Blue Horizon” group arrested for the tragic death of the 36-year-old were brought to the Prayez Prosecutor’s Office. It is about the captain, the governor and the pirate.

Last night, Lt. “Trizio” was transferred to the hospital, where he is being treated for an ischemic episode. All three have asked for a new deadline to come forward and are expected to finally apologize tomorrow.

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It is reminded that The governor has been charged with willful homicide with probable cause and dangerous interference with maritime traffic. Sta Two other members of the group were charged with complicity in premeditated manslaughter. While inside The master was prosecuted for dangerous interference with maritime traffic.

The prosecutor’s office has also been given the results of a sworn administrative examination to investigate the responsibilities of the employees of the Central Port Authority of Piraeus in connection with the tragic incident.

Watch the video: