October 4, 2023

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Bad weather Daniel: Dozens feared dead, residents say many missing

Bad weather Daniel: Dozens feared dead, residents say many missing

The tragic toll due to bad weather is officially 10 dead, but continues to rise with reports that this number is far from the truth.

Residents of the area say the missing are numerous, other accounts speak of the dead in flooded homes and roads turned into rivers, and social media posts by residents of the affected areas are horrifying.

Supporting estimates of the death toll being high, rescue teams from the Palamas Curditsa followed and were finally able to enter the submerged areas.

However, access to all affected areas is still not secured, raising fears of what rescuers might face.

“There are dead people in at least two houses. They haven’t taken them out yet because it’s too difficult for any power to reach it.”

The situation of many trapped people is tragic and life-threatening, including the sick, children, and the elderly.

And behind the repeated phrase from the government’s lips that rescuing people at risk is a priority, there are not a few who acknowledge the existence of more victims. Identification and recovery of the dead, hence, the second phase of notification, seems to be the decision of the authorities. The mobilization of Z-MAK, the armed forces’ special task force that takes on the most difficult cases, has not gone unnoticed.

A resident of Palamas Corditza testified that there was an old dead woman in his house and that when they informed the authorities they would “first take the living and then the dead”.

However, Civil Defense Minister Vassilis Kigilias advised caution with reports giving specific double-digit death tolls based on unconfirmed information.

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“So, beware of fake news, especially about human lives, where non-existent information about the dead is being published and republished, causing more anxiety and disruption to people who are already being tested in those areas. From the first moment, we are reporting directly on all events with full honesty and transparency,” said Mr. Gigilias insisted.

Shocking testimonies

However, reports and testimonies persist, mainly of the elderly who have disappeared. Also chilling are the testimonies of people who insist that many have died voluntarily participating in rescue operations.

“There are dead people in at least two houses,” says a resident of Palamas Corditsa.

“They haven’t taken them out yet because it’s very difficult to get any power,” he explains. In other cases, he adds, “bodies were crushed by the rubble.”

Other residents even talk of 157 people missing, expressing fear that many of them will never turn up.

“There are dead bodies on the street,” Polybios Polyjos, a resident of Marathia Karditsa, who was trapped in his home with 50 others, tells Mega.

“There are drowned people here in the village and no one is going to pull them out, that’s for sure. “When the children went by boat, they saw dead bodies on the road,” he says.

“Grandma drowned in her house… she was floating in the kitchen… five houses down from ours. We informed the authorities and they told us that they will take the living first and then the dead,” says another resident of Palamas Kurtitsa, whose explanation is chilling. “There were children in the family who needed to be saved. Grandma didn’t…” he added. “For us, Calvary is just beginning, the damage is huge,” recounted a resident from Palamas Corditzas.

A helicopter participates in the rescue operation in Palamas Cordica

A resident reported to Open that more than 10 people were found dead in flooded houses. “It took more than 15 hours for help to arrive. We also pulled out dead volunteers, there are dead people. More than 10,” he said.

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“15 hours to get 5 boats? Most of the helpers are volunteers and fishermen. The army came, but it was too late. Why the delay? For what reason; My house has 2.5 meters of water. Pill takers at home, cancer patients, need to eat… not seeing a doctor, an ambulance for first aid, a coordination. Someone please help with the situation. Aerial vehicles fly but lack coordination. We need a coordinating phone,” he insists.