February 20, 2024

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Barcelona-Fenerbahce 89-81: “Swallowed him” in the second half

Barcelona-Fenerbahce 89-81: “Swallowed him” in the second half

Barcelona suffered against Fenerbahce, even finding themselves at -12 at the end of the first half, but in the second half they took control and defeated Barcelona with a score of 89-81 with the presence of Hernangomet’s best player, Laprovittola.

His team Dimitris Itoudis He found himself ahead by as much as 12 points and the truth was that he was in control of the game until midway through the third period. From that moment on, Barcelona controlled the game and after scoring individual goals 16-2 gained the confidence they needed. Overall in the second half, the Catalan team achieved a single score of 51-31!


Barcelona did not put in a great performance in the first six minutes, but with 2/9 shots inside the box, Fenerbahce’s performance was disappointing. (12-4). the Dimitris ItoudisHe had to deal with the problems with the two mistakes Goodrich, Calathes, called a timeout and it worked to his team’s advantage. Offensive rebounds combined with his back-to-back 3-pointers Tyler Dorsey But also the partnerships found by the Turkish team led to individual scores from 4 to 15 and +3 (16-19) At the end of the period.

The pace of play accelerated in the second half, with both teams hitting successive long shots (32-34, 15′). Fenerbahce continued to execute with tremendous accuracy from outside the 6.75 area, hitting 8/11 shots and a difference of ten points. (32-42, 16:30). While Barcelona was navigating the build-up of attack and defense, they were unable to control their opponents’ movements, especially MandarNothing changed until the end of the half, which was already completed (38-50) Just like the first quarter. With his bell beater Scotty WelbeckThe most impressive element is that after 12-4 in favor of Barcelona in the 6th minute, Vener scored 11/15 two-pointers and 8/10 three-pointers in the rest of the half!

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Barcelona invested more in the individual talent of its players in individual stages and despite regaining contact with Fenerbahce’s basket, the gap was not closed as the visitors had immediate responses. (53-62, 25′). The hosts eschewed set-piece play for a more direct game, and did not simply reduce the deficit (63-64, 30′) But he could also have regained the lead but S Nicholas Laprovittola Missed exhalation.

The home team extended the odd score to 16-2 and took a two-score lead 69-64(32′) Argentine goalkeeper championship and Will Hernangometh. Fener is back (70-69) In the decisive moment, Barcelona happily accepted their first basket Alex Abrince in the game. the +6 (79-73) Entering the final three minutes, he gave safety to the Catalan team, which had opportunities to increase the difference but did not exploit them. the Jan Vesely He had 3/4 shots (82-77) to keep his team ahead but the decisive phase was a Wilbekin error that led to an open basket from Satoransky. (84-77, 39′).

Pressing all over the pitch and setting traps, Fenner played his last card but Laprovittola’s three-pointer was the free kick.

Where was the match refereed?: Barcelona controlled the match after the partial score of 16-2, but in general in the second half they strengthened their defense and in attack they put balls into the low post with Hernangomet. The decisive stage was Scotty Wilbekin’s error with a score of 82-77, as the Catalans advanced to +7 and effectively achieved victory.

The best ever: Will Hernangomet was the great captain of Barcelona, ​​the one who would take the ball and put it in the basket whenever he saw his team blocking it.

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Competitors in victory: Nicolas Laprovittola was not on target but only when his performance improved did Barcelona see the sun. Satoransky played well in the first half.

Something went wrong with his performance: Hayes Davis and Tyler Dorsey carried Fenerbahce in the attack. Moodley also provided solutions, but he also ate a lot in defence.

They could be more: Oscar da Silva did not enter the game. Calathes and Gudoric were as if they had not even appeared on the field.

Match statistics: Fenerbahce scored 19/25 shots from 6 to 20 and in the rest of the match they had 12/38 shots. That’s why Barcelona won in the second half with a score of 51-31!

Their next duty: Barcelona will host Olympia Milan and Fenerbahce will host Monaco in Istanbul.

The ten minutes: 16-19, 38-50, 63-64, 89-81