February 20, 2024

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EPO: Seven measures to protect rulers

EPO: Seven measures to protect rulers

The European Patent Office has announced seven measures it will take to protect referees.

His meeting Panagiotis with tacos With its members Central Jury It resulted in agreement on seven measures to protect rulers. Among them are canceling the appointment, not holding the match, and the presence of a police officer in the referees’ dressing room and protecting the referees through security.

We remind you that this weekend we will not have any action after the referees abstained from voting due to the threats made against Papapetrou after what happened in Panthessalikos.

In fact, it all came down to European Football AssociationWhose representative allegedly called him to express the EU’s absolute support for his person.

EPO announcement on referee safety measures:

“Members of the Central Refereeing Committee, referees and assistant referees of the Super League met with the President of the Hellenic Football Federation, Mr. Panagiotis Paltakou, at the Federation’s offices today. At the meeting, which was also attended by Vice President Panagiotis Dimitriou and Treasurer Klerkos Tzaferis, the following was decided.

The President of the European Union of Patents will propose to the Professional Football Committee, which will meet next Monday 11/12, the following initial measures to protect referees and assistants:

1. The appointment of the referee will be canceled and no match will be played, at KED’s discretion and as the case may be, for a team that has turned against the appointed referees, with prior notice.

2. A police officer from the Sports Violence Subdivision will be required to be present in the locker room area at SL1 matches.

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3. The EPO shall protect arbitrators through the security companies with which it cooperates, if and for as long as they so request.

4. The European Patent Office will compensate any material or general damage in money that any arbitrator may suffer.

5. Tougher penalties for defamatory judgments and attacks on arbitration officials. The EPO will ask FIFA and UEFA to make an extraordinary immediate change to the regulations.

6. Immediate start of the procedures for implementing professional arbitration by the European Patent Union and within the framework of the European Patent Union, to be fully implemented in the next tournament.

7. The EPO Legal Service will undertake legal coverage for referees and assistants until June 2024.

The President of the European Patent Office will also request a meeting of the referees with State Minister Stavros Papastavrou, Citizen Protection Minister Yannis Economou and Sports Deputy Yannis Vroutsis.”