February 26, 2024

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Bas Ioannina – Aris 0-0: They were stuck at zero, and no one liked the white tie

Bas Ioannina – Aris 0-0: They were stuck at zero, and no one liked the white tie

PAS Ioannina performed well, Aris took the lead after 60 minutes, but none of them could score with both teams remaining at zero, a result that nobody liked.

PAS Giannina and Aris were stuck at zero against Zosimadis (0-0) and each received one point, which did not please anyone.

Finals and expected goals in PAS Ioannina – Aris

The visitors were the ones who had possession of the ball and initiated the moves, but both teams had chances to score.

The hosts mainly threatened, led by Conte and Rosero, who created several chances from the right flank. Aris had two good chances with Samora, while in the 84th minute Naji blocked Manos Garcia's beautiful shot.

PAS Ioannina remains in last place with 13 points, while Aris is in fifth place with 35 points, and is in danger of being approached by Lamia or Asteras.

PAS performed better in the second half

Ares entered the game keen to get the ball at his feet and become a threat in the frames of Nagy (who was making his debut). But the hosts quickly took control of the pace of the match and became more dangerous.

The Epiroites tried to threaten Gino and Conti on two occasions to no avail. In the 13th minute, Samoura found himself in a shooting position inside the area and shot, but Naji removed his hand and missed a corner kick. Two minutes later, Bass threatened with a Gino shot from inside the area after a Conte corner kick, but the ball went wide of the goal.

In the 37th minute, Conte took a direct free kick from outside the penalty area, but his shot went wide of the goal. Two minutes later, Pamlides tried to put Cuesta from a difficult angle, but he stopped him. This was the last major moment in the first part.

Aris woke up in the 60th minute, but the goal did not come

Manzius removed Suleimanov and Derrida from the beginning of the second half, wanting to breathe new life into his team. But the Malaysian Islamic Party remained the party that pressed more forcefully.

Rosero found Conte well in the small penalty area, and tried to backheel the ball but was stopped by Odopazzo. Four minutes later, Pamlides found an open space, but his shot was poor.

After 60 minutes, Aris increased his pace and in the 61st minute he had a chance with Samora, after a pass from Manos García, but his effort went wide. In the 62nd minute, he put Gino Conte in a shooting position, and he controlled it, but his shot was bad.

In the 84th minute, Aris lost perhaps his best moment in the match. Manu Garcia shot inside the area, but Naji stopped him with a beautiful intervention.

Bass missed the opportunity to score in the final stage of the match. Leo advanced behind the Aris defense and entered the area, but his shot ended up outside the goal.

Statistics and best performances in PAS – Aris

Pass Ioannina: Nagy, Kyakos, Bakadimas, Eramospe, Rienstra, Gino, Liassos, Toto, Pamlides, Roseiro (86' Demir), Conte (63' Leo).

Mars: Cuesta, Odubajo, Rose, Brambetz, Fattore, Djurasik (57' Garcia), Ducouret (57' Velez), Saverio (72' Moron), Vitvagidis (46' Derrida), Bennett (46' Suleimanov), Zamora.

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