July 14, 2024

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Olympiacos: Closing gap with a very important player | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Olympiacos: Closing gap with a very important player | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K. Nikolakopoulos writes in his blog in the Official Gazette about the latest transfer deal announced by Olympiacos.

Therefore, Olympiacos announced another transfer, the one they had already done six months ago, Costinhas, who he acquired from Rio Ave.

With 24 year old The Portuguese, who according to information from his homeland has signed a four-year contract, the “red and whites” want to fill the gap that was in their roster, behind Rodini, who is clearly the best right-back in the Greek league. , but in the absence of a truly reliable player, he played a large number of league, European and cup matches, and as a result he was tired, throwing corners, etc., and often played three matches a week, of which many times the two big ones, the derby and the European – and he is no longer a little boy, he is 32 years old.

soccer Logic says that with Kostinhas Olympiacos will be covered by the above. We are talking about a player who was voted for only a month ago by the coaches and players of 18 first division teams. As the best right back in the Portuguese league this year. what I say!

This is Costinia He may lack the technique, class and of course the experience of the Brazilian, but he has some great attributes for a left-back.

He is He presses his marker, plays with great ease in all aspects, shoots powerfully from the right, makes dangerous crosses and even scores! He is very accurate in penalties, but above all he has a knack in the high game, as a result of which he has scored six goals with headers in his career, mainly in set pieces, which is not easy for a hard-nosed full-back. As you can see, for his position, he is very tall (1m81) and mostly bouncy.

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At level Physically he will be among the best in the Greek league. The side will go up and down without a problem. In terms of strength he is similar to Ryabchiuk, he is better offensively. However, he certainly needs to improve his communication with the ball and certainly to adapt to the four-man defence that Olympiacos plays, as in Rio Ave he played with three defenders, and he has the confidence of a right-back.

Logically, However, it will be easier for him to adapt, because Rio Ave did not play 3-5-2, but 3-4-3, meaning that Costinha also had a winger in front of him, as he will do at Olympiacos. It is important, firstly, that he prepares from the start to learn the way Medilibre plays, and secondly, that he finds compatriots, like Cecchinho and Zilson, who will help him.

We are talking For a player who, in two years in the Portuguese Primeira Liga, played 67 out of 68 games in the starting lineup (!!!), so he doesn’t suffer the slightest injury. Which is also very fundamental, especially when we talk about a bad back. After all, it is no coincidence that for months, and even now on the occasion of the announcement of his transfer, Benfica fans have been criticizing their team on social media for not buying him and for letting Olympiacos sign him. Just yesterday they were commenting on a blog in Portugal, “Should Benfica or Porto, who need a right-back, sign him?”

Continuing on the grass. My opinion is that it is better to see Rodini first in two games a week and Costinha in one. We will see.

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Rio Ave Yesterday, the acquisition of Giorgos Okkas, son of former Olympiacos star and current Anorthosis coach Yiannis Okkas, was announced. I am keeping the name of the 20-year-old midfielder, as we may find him in the Olympiacos report in a year or two. Okkas was playing at Fulham K21, where he was released and was immediately bitten by Rio Ave, owned by Marinaki.

today’s picture:

Information In Belgrade they send Rangelovic to Red Star, and that is not the case. It is true that some contacts were made up to that point.

Serbian Ultimately, if nothing happens with Asteras, which seems unlikely, he has to go to Rentis on Sunday, where Olympiacos’ out-of-plan players will start training: Ousseynou Ba, Androutsos, Pepe, Fatiga and Gotsamanidis, buy goalkeepers from Panserraikos. These players must find a club to transfer or loan. Like Aboubakar Kamara.

Finally one