July 14, 2024

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Monaco: The message to Panathinaikos

Monaco: The message to Panathinaikos

Monaco have been on fire on social media following the acquisition of Giorgos Papagiannis and have sent their own messages to Panathinaikos.

the George Papagiannis Sportal report confirmed and officially announced by Monaco.

All the Euros from Tuesday’s Euro 2024 semi-final between Spain and France! Pavlos Kosteris and Kostas Toupas report from the Allianz Arena in Munich and the Fan Zone in Düsseldorf. Presented by Sotiris Kostafaras and Stefanos Avramidis.

The 27-year-old centre-back is ready to integrate into the emirate’s squad, where he will be reunited with his former teammates, Nick Calathes And Mike James.

Full Sport Confirmation: Papagiannis is officially in Monaco

Giorgos Papagiannis has officially become a Monaco player, as Monaco announced his signing.

the Monaco With his coming Papagiani In Monte Carlo… she changed her Twitter account to English, and wrote as a start:

“Who needs Giannis (i.e. Antetokounmpo) when you can have Papagiannis?” Upload related image.

While they continued to frame the relationship with Monaco Panathinaikos After a third player arrived, he was competing with the “clover” on his chest and they wrote the following: “Our relationship with Panathinaikos friends is moving to another level” With the featured post to follow.

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