July 14, 2024

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The Greens are looking for the big “explosion” with Marcos Alonso

The Greens are looking for the big “explosion” with Marcos Alonso

Panathinaikos are checking all the boxes for 33-year-old Spanish full-back Marcos Alonso, who was released by Barcelona in a bid for a super-transfer deal.

Panathinaikos decided (correctly) in the middle of last week not to go further with Pedro Rebozzo for the left side of their defence, looking for something (much) better and seeing how the market data constantly changes.

Admittedly, for several days regarding the left back and left winger… he was knocking on many “big” doors looking for the best possible option that would raise his overall level on the left flank.

Information indicates that the “Greens” have been dealing very seriously for several days with the case of the former Chelsea and Barcelona full-back, Marcos Alonso, who was released by the “Blaugrana” and offered to Panathinaikos, who did not sign him. He does not remain… unaffected.

The 33-year-old defender (who also played as a left-back), who has extensive experience in the Spanish, English and Italian national teams, has been contacted by Panathinaikos, who are carefully examining his situation and examining his chances of joining their ranks. This is the big “bang”.

Alonso, who has nine caps for Spain, after leaving Barcelona, ​​was looking for a return to Italy, but Inter, who showed some interest, did not want to make his next move. At the moment, he is waiting for offers from clubs in high-speed leagues, however, Panathinaikos approached his team with a very good relationship with his agent (and Sarri’s agent) Fali Ramadani.

Obviously this is not an easy case, so far he is a free agent, his money is very high, but the information indicates that the “Greens” have informed his side that they are ready to make a very big proposal for a 2-year contract and high bonuses target.

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To put the context in perspective, Panathinaikos is looking to achieve something very big and “transcendent” in this case, with a player who has written behind him a very impressive career and is still active. It is not easy at all, but it is true that in “Al-Falfa” they are ready to chase him with all their might.

From there, the case of the Argentine Enzo Dias, River Plate player, comes into the background. Panathinaikos has also looked for data on his own case, he has elements that fit the profile that “El Clover” is looking for, but at the moment he is further behind Alonso’s case.