May 18, 2024

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Baskonia 90-74: Madrid comfortably dominate 1-0

Baskonia 90-74: Madrid comfortably dominate 1-0

Real Madrid dominated Baskonia, winning 90-74 and claiming a 1-0 victory in the Euroleague playoff series, taking advantage of its home stadium.

Real Madrid easily defeated Baskonia 90-74 in the first game of the Euroleague series and grabbed the lead to qualify for the Final Four in the competition.

Mathieu's team dominated and had no major problems, taking a 1-0 lead in the quarterfinal series with relative ease.

Dzanan Musa led Real Madrid with 16 points, while Vincent Poirier and Facundo Capasso were also in double figures. The Basque team's top scorer was Marcus Howard with 15 points, followed by Nikos Rojavopoulos with 14 points (equaling his career high), which was also scored by Miller McIntyre.


Real Madrid imposed their tempo from the start of the match, not wanting to give Baskonia the chance to believe they could attack. The Madridistas were in the driving role from the start, while the Basques tried to maintain their touch. Musa and Hisonia took the lead with Real Madrid's goals, while Ivanovic's team was getting solutions from Howard. The score of the first half was 48-37.

In the second half, Real Madrid came out with the aim of cleaning up the match. Mathieu's team dominated and left no room for the Basques. The gap rose above 20 points and Baskonia was unable to respond again and get back into the game. Final score 90-74.

Referees: Mogolcuk, Latyshev, Vovis

Contracts: 26-17, 48-37, 70-53, 90-74

real madrid (Mathieu): Kozer, Fernandes 6, Ambaldi 7, Capasso 10 (1/3 three-pointers), Gizzonia 9 (3/4 three-pointers), Rodriguez 5 (6 assists), Deck 4, Poirier 10 (7 rebounds). Tavares 8 (7 rebounds), Jul 8 (2/6 three-pointers), Yabusele 7 (7 rebounds), Musa 16 (3/6 three-pointers).

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Baskonia (Ivanovic): Howard 15 (3/9 three-pointers), Rist, Chiusa 3 (6 rebounds), Kirişita, Sedkirkskis 3 (7 rebounds), Marinkovic 9 (a quarter of three-pointers), Miller McIntyre 14 (4). Rebounds), Death, Rojavopoulos 14 (4/9 three-pointers), Kotsar 2, Costello 14 (6 rebounds), Tudor.

Real Madrid team statistics: 20/34 2-pointers, 14/33 3-pointers, 8/12 shots, 37 rebounds, 21 assists, 9 steals, 7 turnovers

Baskonia team statistics: 16/26 2-pointers, 12/41 3-pointers, 6/11 shooting, 39 rebounds, 18 assists, 3 steals, 12 turnovers

Upcoming matches for both teams: Game 2 of the series is scheduled for April 25 at 10 p.m.