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Bakolas gave a “gift” to UEFA with his upside-down scissors, imitating Ronaldo, Bressan and Rivaldo! (video)

Bakolas gave a “gift” to UEFA with his upside-down scissors, imitating Ronaldo, Bressan and Rivaldo!  (video)

His goal is the reverse scissors Theophanes BakulaBesides being historical, it was also beautiful! Whether in inspiration or implementation! To the point that only a select few were able to gift us. And son Sports Presents you the most popular cases 5+1!

the K19 to Olympiaco Crowned champion Europe Winning 3-0 Milan In its finals neon.

The icing on the cake was added by Bacolaswhen of his crosses helpless She attempted a backscissor that would go down in her history European Football Association.

Obviously, this is not the first time a footballer has scored such a beautiful goal in European competitions. But the 19-year-old midfielder's goal reminded us of something Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale And Rivaldo! It was one of those goals, which graces every season's highlights!

the son SportsTherefore, he took it upon himself to remind you of the 5+1 cases of football players who scored with upside-down scissors in European competitions and went down in history. Even if the latter is a small “exception”!

League 1999-2000

Barcelona – Fiorentina 3-3 (Bressan)

His amazing scissors couldn't be missing from the list Mauro Bressan Opposite Barcelona. Fighting with their colors Fiorentinathe Italian The midfielder opened the scoring in the sixth round of his group Champions League.

With the ball in the air and outside the penalty area, few would have expected this Bressan He will try to threaten his hearth Arnoby Italian To try an inverted scissors and send the ball into the “Blaugrana” goal area.

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In a match that ended in a 3-3 draw, this tie secured the “Viola” its place in the next stage of the organization.

UEFA Champions League 2012-13

Anderlecht – Milan 1-3 (Mexico)

The next scissors that cannot be missing from the list are scissors Philip MexisOpposite Anderlecht In the fifth round of his groups Champions League.

It was preceded by the Rossoneri. Al-Sarawibefore S Mixes He scores one of the most beautiful goals in the organization's history.

Chest control and an unimaginable scissors kick were enough to send his goal into history French Defender!

Champions League 2016-17

Real Madrid – Juventus 4-1 (Mandzukic)

His big winner Champions League In 2017 it was real madrid Prevailing with her 4-1 Juventus.

However, the best goal in the match was by the “Old Lady”. Mario Mandzukic. The score is 1-0 for them People of Madridthe Croatian He found himself with his back to his target Keylor Navas He unleashed a wonderful shot to equalize for his team.

Champions League 2017-18

Juventus – Real Madrid 0-3 (Cristiano Ronaldo)

A year later, the two teams met again, this time in the quarter-finals Champions League.

He was the absolute protagonist of the first match between the two teams Cristiano Ronaldo-Performing in the rain Turin. Initially, he had opened the score with a close-up before the moment of absolute apotheosis arrived.

With the clock marking 63 minutes of play, o Carvajal Cross attempt from the right side Portuguese A star, flying with an incredible scissor, forcing the entire stadium to applaud!

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For your information, “The Merinche” won 3-0 Marcelo To put his signature as well.

UEFA Champions League 2

Liverpool – Real Madrid 1-3 (Bale)

it seems that Champions League From 2018 it was supposed to be occupied by real madrid With an impressive goal. Since then, he has been on target Cristiano In the quarter-finals he came to add his goal Gareth Bale in the end.

With her final Ukrainian To be “finished” by the man who brought smiles to him Wales After the great football personalities Accelerates And Giggs. the Gareth Bale He came as a substitute in the final match between Liverpool And TRUE And put his signature on it.

Naturally, he “stole” the show with the amazing goal he scored in the 64th minute welshsince after his crosses MarceloWith the reverse scissors, he imitated his teammate Ronaldo He “gave” the cup to his team, scoring the second goal in the 83rd minutethe Minute, thin.

League 2000-01

Barcelona – Valencia 3-2 (Rivaldo)

Special mention will be made of the only person who won the “Golden Ball” and came Hellas. the Rivaldo He may not have scored in some European competitions with scissorsBut this is against Valencia It cannot be missing from the list.

In her last game the La Liga In 2001, Repo scored one of the most memorable hat-tricks ever!

At 87 o'clock the result is 2-2 hours Valencia went out Champions League they Catalans. All this until he passed away sincere De Boer The final recipient has been found Rivaldo He has a great controller and scissors and has made history!

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