September 29, 2023

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Panathinaikos: the five points from the match with PAS – Subject – Panathinaikos

Panathinaikos: the five points from the match with PAS – Subject – Panathinaikos

Beam in, dude… Beam in and out… Bite!

The logic of football, which, unfortunately, prevails in Greece, but (it seems) is not embraced by it PanathinaikosFortunately, mostly for him!

with his team Ivan Jovanovich To be clearly superior to PAS Ioannina, not to be credited in the match, but to continue to follow the principles of her coach and be justified.

Without changing his style of play, for the sake of an “ephemeral” victory, which was so remarkably needed today, without … bending under extreme pressure even when everything seemed “cheesy” and Football to reward him, and do justice, through the final 0-1

Patience… a Panathenaic virtue Ivan Jovanović himself pointed this out, and everyone who watched the match saw it. Alfalfa “started the game right”, while not even 0-0 “on account” deterred her as long as it lasted. Didn’t deviate from layered soccer, the growth from the ends And good ball handling. Agreed, there was a period near the end when the ball was lifted. Too small, though, to spoil the overall picture!

Jurkas… Vaiannidis Coincidence is no longer what they say. Something that also applies to Giorgos Vagiannidis’ second consecutive good appearance. And if the cup match against Volos was “easy”, or he played in a position different from his usual position, tonight in “Zosimadis”, the young right-back. It reminded me of something from a Yurka! It is clear that he still needs a lot of “bread”, but his very good partnership with Palacios in the first half produced three stages of goals and showed that he had many good elements …

Roll Down Again! the Panagiotis Tsentutas He came very close to his own… setting the league on fire. After his good performance against his ‘former’ team, where PAS forced AEK to defeat, he came out better than him today, because he was the main reason the match was 0-0 until… 95′! The 29-year-old goalkeeper is clearly not the best in the world. Perhaps, not even in our country … However, one seems to be starting new career in Ioannina.

Tradition must be broken now! The Greens have had very bad traditions in recent years with OFI, but they have overtaken the Jedi Koule. They did the same with Panaitolikos, whom they defeated at Agrinio. Somehow… goodness came third in the hardest case, in Ioannina tonight. With Jovanovic’s team winning the PAS award and validation, especially this year, He does not understand either from negative previous dates, or from … impregnable seats.

If you don’t have… Given that Yiannis Barrios had no in mind… I waswhen he sang this wonderful hit in 1983. Surely, however, it perfectly describes the situation at least with regard to Panathinaikos’ games this year in the Premier League 1. Two points unfairly, since Referee Tsagarakis He did not see Moreira’s punishment on Corbeles. However, it is not always necessary to use technology in order to … obviously!

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