June 19, 2024

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“If I don't continue, I won't get a single euro.”

“If I don't continue, I won't get a single euro.”

Xavi, after announcing that he would continue at Barcelona in 2025, spoke in the press conference about the reasons that prompted him to change his decision, while he denied reports that indicated that if he left, he would receive his contract money. .

Joan Laporta has made it clear in every direction that he wants to convince Xavi to stay at Barcelona until 2025 and he has succeeded in doing so.

On Thursday (04/25), it was officially announced that the Catalan coach would continue on the team’s bench, even though he had announced his departure last January.

The club held a press conference with Xavi To point out the reasons that prompted him to switch, while he denied what was said that in the event of his departure, he would receive money from his contract.

You know I'm a big fan of Barcelona and I always try to do the best for the team. The most important thing is to think about the club. When we met with the Chairman of the Board I put my position at his disposal, but I enjoy the great confidence of the Chairman of the Board and the entire Board of Directors.

The trust I placed in the president was mutual. We have very good harmony with the sports administration and with the fans. This makes you think again. Thank you for your support on the road and on the field. I believe that if we can fix some details, we will be close to achieving great successes.”

Regarding his decision, he said: It was not an easy decision. In January I informed the Chairman, Deco and the Board of Directors that this was what was best for the club. Now circumstances have changed. Yesterday we talked about it very directly. I believe that the work is not over yet, and I am convinced that we can achieve victory With all the hope in the world.

The players believe in it and I changed my mind. It's a combination of reasons that make me want to continue, especially the confidence of the president, Deco and the players. It's not about money or ego. I saw everyone's confidence And I feel stronger. This is the movie.”

On whether he regrets: “The decision was correct because the club needed change. Referred to the President. Now that's wrong because I think the opposite. The staff has given me their support, as well as the confidence of the President and Deco. “It made me think again and have the energy to move forward.”

Regarding what was reported about him demanding money from his contract in the event of dismissal, he said: If they say this it causes harm. If I don't continue, I won't get a single euro. The president knows this. “The money from my contract was for the next coach.”