June 19, 2024

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Three Olympiacos players are in the top 11 of the Youth League

Three Olympiacos players are in the top 11 of the Youth League

Olympiacos U19 team tied with AC Milan in the fourth round of the Youth League and won the prestigious cup.

'Crazy' Europe is in red and white, as the football talent scouting site includes three Olympiacos footballers in its top 11 in the competition.

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Firstly it's about Piraeus' goalkeeper, Angelo Senna, who was amazing and helped a lot in winning the Youth League.

The second is Christos Mouzakitis, who was the top scorer for Olympiacos U19 in this year's competition with 6 goals. The Piraeus star dominated the midfield and provided valuable solutions for Sotiris Silaidopoulos' side.

The third went to Charalambos Kostoulas, who scored 5 goals, as the young striker scored in decisive matches, achieved wonderful victories and qualified for the Al-Mina’a club.

Cast nominees: Antzilo Senna, Hjalti Bidstrup, Giancarlo Simic, Enzo Mungo, Adam Azno, Kevin Lee, Christos Mozakitis, Rodrigo Moura, Jorge Meirelles, Charalambos Kostoulas, It Candy.

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