October 4, 2023

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XI against Braga

XI against Braga

Ivan Jovanovic has announced his picks for Panathinaikos’ XI for the match against Braga in Portugal (23/8, 22:00, COSMOTE SPORT 2 HD, MEGA) in the UEFA Champions League qualifier.

Panathinaikos secured an epic qualification against Marseille in the third qualifying round of the Champions League and now the Greens’ appetite to return to the golden groups after 13 years of absence, from the moment there is only one obstacle in front of them, it has been fully opened.

The Braga match, which they will face in the qualifiers of the major European club competition, with Ivan Jovanovic’s team preparing for its first match against the Portuguese on Wednesday evening (23/8, 22:00, COSMOTE SPORT 2 HD, MEGA, direct from SPORT24 ) and the Serbian coach will announce his selectors about an hour before the spin-off.

In terms of the match against Marseille, the Serbian coach made one change, as Palacios took Verbic’s place in the attack wing, while Sporar kept his place in the front. In the regular part, Palacios will be positioned on the right wing, while Mancini will move to the left as Verbeek played against Marseille at the Velodrome.

In terms of formation, the Greens play in a 4-3-3 formation, with Brignoli under goal and four in defense (from right to left) Vagiannidis, Jevdayi, Magnusson and Huancar. In the midfield, Djuricic will play next to Perez and Filina, while Palacios, Sporar and Mancini will form the attacking trio.

Panathinaikos squad: Brignoli, Vagiannidis, Jevday, Magnusson, Huankar, Perez, Djuric, Villina, Palacios, Sporer, Mancini.

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Braga lineup: Mateus, Gomez, Fonte, Nyakati, Marin, Masrati, Pizzi, Carvalho, Horta, Ruiz, Bruma.