October 4, 2023

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“I’ve said it before, this team never gives up”

“I’ve said it before, this team never gives up”

Panathinaikos scored a goal against Braga in the 90 + 5 minute to reduce the score to 2-1, and Fotis Ioannidis spoke about the personality of Ivan Jovanovic’s team, which does not leave any match to its fate until the final whistle.

Fotis Ioannidis was the star of another great moment for Panathinaikos this summer when he slipped the ball through his feet to Mancini to make it 2-1 against Braga in the final.


In his comments immediately after the end of the match, the Greens forward focused on the reaction shown by the team in Portugal and expressed optimism that with people at their side for the rematch in Oaxaca, they are ready to turn things around. .

Specifically, he said:

“In the first half it was quite even, and neither team had any big chances. In the second half we started a bit slower and the opposition raised their game and we found ourselves losing 2-0.

They had other chances, we were a bit lucky not to concede the third goal and in the end we succeeded and scored a goal which is very important for the team in the second leg.

I’ve said before that this team never gives up, it was another example today, we managed to score a goal almost out of nowhere because we didn’t have many big chances and that’s a very important element for the team.

I think if we start and control the game, because we can do that even with Braga, we will have more chances and therefore we will score more times.

Optimism is very important and it’s not just me, we have confidence in ourselves and I think with the world on our side we can qualify.”

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