November 30, 2022

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Protest letter from KAE Panathinaikos to the Euroleague: “We will not tolerate incidents that blatantly offend us”

KAE Panathinaikos has made an official announcement that a letter of protest has been sent to the Europa League regarding the refereeing of the match against Partizan.

The ‘green’ OEM informed in a letter related to Euroleague That he would not tolerate similar incidents of refereeing causing unfairness to the team, suggested a change to the ‘Challenge’ slate while awaiting Diane Boderoga in Athens in order to discuss matters relating to the organization.

In addition, once again prevent the fan from entering that caused the interruption He stressed that the club will remain united in the face of “unacceptable events that have caused our displeasure.”

KAE Panathinaikos Update:

1. Panathinaikos sent a harsh message to the Euroleague after what happened in the match against Partizan Belgrade and unfortunately proved that not a single thing has changed so far in the referee’s bad writing. In it, he makes it clear in every tone that he will not tolerate the recurrence of such incidents which blatantly miss our team (relevant material has been sent).

2. At the same time, our team sends a proposal to change the regulation regarding the right to use the “challenge” by the coach to reduce cases of errors that govern and affect the results.

3. The Euroleague President, Diane Boderoga, will travel in the next few days to Athens, where many important issues related to the product and what is happening in the organization will be discussed, which need to be addressed immediately.

4. Our team fully understands the frustration and anger of the Panathinaikos community. However, behaviors that harm prestige and image and deprive our audience of their presence on the field cannot be accepted or allowed. Accordingly, he is informed that all necessary measures will be taken to deal with the incident with the sports fan who caused the match to stop for a few minutes, as recorded by the referees on the match sheet. This fan will not be allowed to enter our team’s matches again.

5. We are all united and will stand up to all the unacceptable and unacceptable events that have caused us all to be indignant.”

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