April 13, 2024

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Battleship HYDRA heads for Red Sea – discussed in KYSEA

Battleship HYDRA heads for Red Sea – discussed in KYSEA

Must travel immediately, by the end of the week Frigate Hydra According to reports, the government's National Security Council, which met in the morning under the chairmanship of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, decided to take part in the operation in the Red Sea. Palace of Maximos.It was approved in principle following a proposal by the Minister of National Defense in the meeting Nicos DentiasGreece participates in the “ASPITES” operation to protect free navigation in its area Red Sea.

In fact, shortly after the KYSEA meeting, the Minister of National Defense was on board the warship. Nicos Dentias.

on his desk KYSEA, Identified the problem of migration flows. As it was discovered, a significant reduction in flows, but residents of the country were also recorded. It indicated that surveillance has been increased in its territory Gowto, Where does it flow from? Libya

According to data provided by Immigration Minister Dimitris Kyrites, the number of people staying in accommodation facilities on the East Aegean islands has decreased. From 25% compared to the beginning of January.

Regarding the data presented by the Minister: The decrease in flows mainly concerns the sea border in the South-East Aegean, where the greatest improvement is observed, while the flows in the land border in Evros have been reduced. The Migration and Asylum Ministry is closely monitoring the flow seen from Libya's southeastern coast.

Illegal flows are dealt with as follows: A. Strict security at the borders, B. Better cooperation with countries of transit like Turkey and countries of origin like Egypt; c. faster processing of asylum claims (Greece has one of the highest rates in Europe); E. Acceleration of revenue and the immediate appointment of the newly established National Revenue Coordinator will contribute to this, and e. Closest European cooperation possible at the political and economic level.

Following a proposal by the Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Defense Vasilis KikiliaIt was decided to revise the plan “Shield”, 300 new vehicles to be provided for forest services. Finally, following a proposal from the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Christo Stylianides, It was decided to extend the tenure of the Acting Chief of the Coast Guard by one year, Vice Admiral L.S. Georgios Alexandrakis.

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