April 18, 2024

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Neos Kosmos: New video document from Zampounis murder – suspect's movements examined by EL.AS.

Neos Kosmos: New video document from Zampounis murder – suspect's movements examined by EL.AS.

They analyze the law by law in the forensic laboratories of the Hellenic Police. Video documents from the gas station's security cameras recorded the entire scene of the mafia murder of 44-year-old Vangelis Zampounis in Neos Kosmos.

Apart from the two perpetrators – the enforcers, the police estimate that there was a support group comprising at least one person who came under the microscope of the investigation.

New video

Specifically, as expressed InsideThe man whose movements were captured on video before and after the murderous attack.

It is thought to have served as a chiller and informed the executioners of the victim's movements.

Movements of the cooler

In the video, he can be seen moving slowly down the opposite sidewalk and the 44-year-old outside his car.

As the 44-year-old enters the vehicle, the specified person accelerates.

As the executioner's vehicle arrives, the man stands behind the white van and steps out of the gunfire.

When the accused started firing, the man moved away and was not seen in the firing.

However, he returned seconds later, hiding behind a white van and watching the assailants.

He stays there for a few seconds and then runs away and goes back to where he started.

In another video of the vehicle fleeing, a man is seen running away and is being questioned as to whether it is the same person.

Professional artists

From the motions of two operators, the first estimates of EL.AS. They speak of professionals who know what they are doing and have complete composure. Although the magazine falls on one of the executioners, despite the hasty movements, he picks him up and continues shooting. Eventually, he opens the door of the vehicle and fires a second gun at the victim, which he pulls out from inside his coat.

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He didn't react

For the victim, this is surprising because no reaction or attempt to escape was seen.

He is thought to have moved for a few seconds to avoid the barrage of gunfire by keeping the vehicle in front of him because of the armor.

Something like a cell phone might have distracted him.

Questions are also being raised about the door of the armored vehicle being unlocked and the perpetrator opening it, giving the victim free shots.

The 44-year-old had a Glock pistol on him, a Kalashnikov in the trunk and several bullets.