February 22, 2024

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Changes in military service based on the “Finnish model”.

Changes in military service based on the “Finnish model”.

“The armed forces have to move into a new era, as we call it “Armed Forces of 2030”, In his today's interview with journalist Vasilis Nedos, “Kathimerini dis Kiriaki” and the Minister of National Defense, emphasized, among others. Nikos dentias, At the same time announcing changes in military service.

As he explained, recent ones are also accountable from this point of view Leadership changes of the Armed Forces, in which he was elected “An approach to total transformation of leaders, ie beyond the Chief of Staff and Chiefs of Staff”.

“We have to make them Domestic production capabilities of low-value, high-efficiency systems. It is impossible for a country with a huge defense budget to buy everything off the shelf, even from abroad, and not produce even a little. write down

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Changes in military service

And, he predicted Changes in military service Rejects the model of a professional army, while not necessarily changing the length of service.

“One option would be a purely professional army. My personal answer and the government's answer is negative. We believe in a citizen army. Of course with professional administrators, but not with purely professional administrators. Beyond that, this citizen army is well-trained and war-worthy enough to have the value of being called an army. should be integrated into divisions. 25% completed units, 75% of which will be filled by untrained reservists, are not combat fit units. No one can claim that” he said.

Dentias noted A model of the Finnish model Explains how “Tenancy not only empowers the soldier, but also gives him regular retraining, new weapons systems, new doctrines, new skills and integrates him into a unit that he can operate in the future.”

In question, if these changes Increase in rank, he replied in the negative. “You know, if you maximize your non-productive time, you're not going to get anything. A different approach is needed. How do you exploit the human capital of the Greek citizen who proudly wears the uniform of the country's soldier. Because we don't have to reinvent the wheel, we pick successful examples from abroad and adapt them to our own data.”