June 21, 2024

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EL.AS officer handcuffed. to corruption

EL.AS officer handcuffed.  to corruption

Report: Lydia Karathanasis

There is no end to corruption in the police. At this time, the commander of BOAK Chania was Nicholas Xanthoudakis. As he has several corruption cases pending against him, according to “Jugla” reports, this is not the first time that the concerned authority is concerned with the authorities.

Let’s take things from the beginning. A competition will be held in the Agioi Apostoloi area of ​​Chania for the canteen in that area. Mr. is familiar with blackmail games. Santhoudakis asked for 30,000 euros to find one of the interested parties, “push through” the procedures and “help” him win the tender, otherwise, he would give it. Said … by someone who owns.

Unfortunately, the victim immediately contacted domestic affairs. No time was wasted. Mr. Santhoudakis’s phone and home were immediately tracked, although he collected an unaccounted amount of 15,000 thousand euros.

The two contacted each other again to collect the remaining amount of around 8,000 which was the blackmailing police officer. As he himself was unable to move due to a broken leg, he invited the concerned canteen to his home.

According to “Zouglas” information, Nikolas Xanthoudakis has cameras in his house that look outside his house. It definitely helped him feel like he was being watched.

The victim arrived at the officer’s door with a pre-marked 8,000 euros. The door was opened for him by his son Chantoudakis! Also a police officer serving in Athens. He took the money and locked the door.

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The story ends somewhat unpleasantly for the Chantoudakis family, as the police immediately enter the house with a lawyer, arrest them and take them to the Chania police station, where they are being held.

Does the Ministry of Civil Defense and the Prime Minister know all this? Are citizens finally protected or threatened?