June 12, 2024

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The culprit was the pampered child of the Mitsotakis family

The culprit was the pampered child of the Mitsotakis family

Nikos Xanthoudakis, governor of BOAK in Chania province, local trade union executive and “godfather” of public tenders in the province, had crossed all limits of tolerance.

As revealed by the “Zougla” report, Nikos Xanthoudakis was building in Chania. He played a role in a corruption scandal brought to light by ELAS’ Internal Affairs Directorate. Read the first page of “Jungle” here. He also accused his son, a police officer who arrested him.

As if all this was not enough, Nikos Xanthoudakis also aspired to be a politician. Declaring himself a “soldier” of the New Democratic Party in Chania as early as last March, he sought to ensure his participation on the ballot for last May’s parliamentary elections. Although many criminal cases are pending against him, E.L.A.S. He considered his vulnerability indestructible. Evidently, as evidenced by the exhibits accompanying the publications about his face, Chantoutakis was photographed with Dora Bagoyiannis or Kyriakos Mitsotakis, demonstrating a relationship of trust with Chania’s political family.

From last spring, specifically from March 24, 2023, a publication published on the “Zarpanews” website reveals: “ZARPA Radio 89.6 in the morning the President of the Association of Police Officers of Chania, the guest of Dimitris Pappas, Nikos Xanthoudakis, the Minister of Citizen Security, the General Secretary of Public Order and the Association to the Chief of Police With the occasion of sending the letter, they demand immediate deployment of the police services of the province.

“I believe all the three MPs tried, but we did not get the desired result,” he said, adding, “I have never hidden that I belong to this party. I remain a soldier of the faction.”

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On his participation in the New Democracy polls in Sania, he said: As his name was counted in the polls, he said: “Yes, I had expressed my desire to be on the ballot paper and my name was asked in some polls. In very good condition. A discussion took place, they looked at me and assessed me. I’m open but I’m also a soldier.

Even now if you ask me, I will weigh things up. “I will be the candidate,” he asserted, adding that because of his profession he has full knowledge of the district’s issues.

He was so bold and openly self-confident that he threatened even the physical and political leadership of EL.AS. With the intervention of a lawyer. A few months later he and his son were sent to prison for corruption and extortion. Look at what Santoudakis said at the time: “We ask you to strengthen the AT of the airport and Kantanos and Apokoronas and Kissamos. Vryses has a big problem, followed by Kantanos and Paleochora. What should a police officer do in Paleochora in the summer?” He informed.

On whether the ministry would take their letter into account, Mr. Chantoudakis noted: “It will happen whether they like it or not. We say in the last paragraph that we will no longer play with the safety of colleagues or citizens. They must take their responsibilities. There is also a lawyer.” Actually, there is a lawyer, but apparently for him.