July 22, 2024

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Crete: 45-year-old murderer and rapist at the hands of Hellenic police – Interpol wanted him for 10 years

Crete: 45-year-old murderer and rapist at the hands of Hellenic police – Interpol wanted him for 10 years

A 45 year old MurdererA rapist and drug trafficker from Albania was arrested by H.A.S., wanted by Interpol for 10 years, for a murder he committed in his country but also for a rape he committed in Greece.

EL.AS. On Saturday morning, he was arrested by TAE police officers, according to the announcement. Andrea Papandreou Street, Heraklion, DT. Khasi Municipality of Malevici, a criminal, because he was caught no. YTK-8700 IXE, property of SK Tourist Services, revoked valid driver’s license.

Upon his arrest, the man first stated his name as Berparim’s Lazage Ermel, while showing a vulnerability, which had signs of faking.

During his introduction to A.T. Maleviziou, a thorough investigation was conducted, which revealed the forgery of the aforementioned document, which he himself later accepted, claiming to be its authentic data.

He was wanted by Interpol for 10 years

His details were identified and after a search in the POL SIS RECAST application, it was revealed that an International Arrest Warrant was pending against him (No. A-4218/6-2015 Red Notice of INTERPOL International Albania from 01/06/2015 required. In Albania 25-11-2014 for the murder committed on that day and illegal carrying of arms.

From the current preliminary investigation and archival control of POL’s use of complex search of significant reports, the following further emerged against him:

a) He was arrested by Jaffna Police on 05-26-2023. Possession and trafficking of 10 grams of cocaine in Agios Nikolaos, Agios Nikolaos Lasithiou, at which time his house in Tourloti Sitias was searched with negative results.

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b) On 10-22-2023, a case was registered against him YA Agios Nikolas for raping a 23-year-old local woman, which emerged and was later identified.