June 24, 2024

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Baye Aries to Koya: “Last time we do you a favor”

Baye Aries to Koya: “Last time we do you a favor”

Ares responded to Alexis Coggia with a statement requesting the intervention of the Public Prosecutor.

Aris gave his answer to Alexis Kougia for what he supported a while ago by leaving tips for the Aris vs. AEK match. He did this through a report in which he asked the prosecutor to intervene For what he said disparagingly about the Thessaloniki team.

In detail, the announcement stated the following:

“We're tired of dealing with the charming Alexis every now and then.

Alexis Kougias spoke after the match with PAOK and didn't touch much on the competitive aspect but mentioned Aris, his boss, Thodoris Karypides and Akis Manzios.

Tonight the lawyer dares to hold ARIS in his mouth again and we will do him a favor by dealing with him one last time.

So, listen up, Alexis. Obviously you want to create an atmosphere before Wednesday's game.

Bei Aris wants the prosecutor to intervene here and now to see what is finally happening in Greek football in recent years. We really want that.

But will you and your manager succeed? Can you handle the prosecutor arriving and putting everything out in the open? Let the truth shine?

Well, last time we did you a favor, Alexis.

We are waiting for the public prosecutor…”

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