June 25, 2024

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Everyone feels important as Medibar and Olympiacos continue the performances – Articles – Giorgos Tsanakas – Olympiacos

Everyone feels important as Medibar and Olympiacos continue the performances – Articles – Giorgos Tsanakas – Olympiacos

Transform it Olympiaco In two and a half months, he has been nothing short of impressive. The team that struggled to overcome Kifisia and lost easily to Lamia is perhaps the most well-formed group of qualifiers capable of overcoming any opponent. He made sure to show it in the OPAP Arena where God had to turn his back to lose, he did it in Tomba and in Georgios Karaiskakis with PAOK, and he shouted it all over Europe.

Simple football and its team José Luis Mendilibar He makes sure to shout “quiet” to those who were quick to eliminate him in the league. This happened several times this season, after several derbies that the Red and White failed to win for various reasons. And yet, many do not count it, seeing -6. However, it can be considered even -3 since o Olympic Get the postponed match in Tomba. And now, after two close matches against Aris and Lamia, Piraeus can make it Five consecutive three-pointers And to be within striking distance, when others are eating each other, before the three derbies that will decide the title.

against PAOK sunday night, Olympic He's shown that he doesn't even understand the changes. With eight changes in the eleven matches regarding the return match against Fenerbahce, but also the mentality that must not change. Freshness and coordinated pressing replaced a tired, attacking trio (Zelson, Pontins, Navarro) She was so fast she couldn't even be caught with a lasso, causing a headache for the visitors' defence. The first two are difficult to deal with both one-on-one and on the field, while the latter made his best appearance for the red and white team. Playing on the edge constantly, causes problems with his movements in his defensive backs PAOK He was very positive.

The “red and white” centerpiece was also excellent Ibora To work perfectly at “6” and give freedom Orta Chiquinho. The first raised and lowered the tempo and controlled the tempo, and the second choked. Richards, with his appearance, “knocks” on the eleven's doorKenny is the honest worker who does everything and takes advantage. Ritsos came back better, he made some mistakes of course, and my father is… the future. Tzoulakis needs no introduction, he continues where he left off.

The transformation of Piraeus has been astonishing and unstoppable. A team that went down without its defensive rock (Carmo) and its right side (Rutini-Fortunis) and nothing appeared from it. The reason is very simple: Medilibar makes everyone feel useful and when they play they help tremendously. He is fair, knows how to appreciate those who work and will give everyone their chance. Example of this is Abe, Doe and even Navarro who was disappointing in his previous performances and also transformed with his good group Basque General.

Everything has taken its course and Olympiacos is on the right track. He wins the tournament and my opinion is that with a 5/5 in the qualifying final, he will be the one to win it. It's not easy to do, but data can do it. And of course, he also has three crucial games ahead of him in Europe. Until the end, he will take him to Greece and Europe, to play the role of change and go to the largest… fund in its history!

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