February 22, 2024

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Bayern – Olympiacos 72-76: Munich “wins”!

Bayern – Olympiacos 72-76: Munich “wins”!

Olympiacos celebrated a valuable double in Munich, where it defeated Bayern, 76-72, in the 25th round of the Euroleague, achieving a 2/2 victory in the penultimate “Devil’s Week” of the season.

The game was exciting from start to finish, with 16 lead changes, and the final minutes were…exciting. But Piraeus found the necessary solutions offensively and defensively, achieving a very big victory in light of continuity. At 14-11, the red and white team went up, and at 10-15 the Bavarians fell.

Walkup led the winners with 16 points and 8 assists, assisted by Petrusev and Brazdeikis, who scored 14 and 11 points, respectively.

On the other hand, Serge Ibaka and Sylvan Francisco each scored 18 points.

The match began amidst intense tension between the two teams and their lack of the best offensive options. However, Bayern were the first to find a rhythm, taking a partial 7-3 lead through Ibaka, but a 4-0 Olympiacos run brought the game up to 7-7 in the 5th minute. From there, Brazdeikis took over with successive baskets and foul shots, as The Reds and Whites took a 6-2 lead to make the score 13-9. The Bavarians, in turn, advanced 14-13, but it was Piraeus that ended the quarter +4 with a score of 18-14.

At the start of the second half, Harris was excellent for the Germans, powerfully beating his back on Pablo Laso's set which led 20-19. Several changes in leadership followed, and neither team was able to escape. Bayern found themselves at 27-26, but a 5-0 Papanikolaou run gave Olympiacos a +4 lead at 31-27. However, the Bavarians sent the individual 11-4 to +3 thanks to 38-35, a score with which the two opponents went to the locker room at the break.

At the start of the third period, Ibaka was unstoppable and scored with relative ease, with the result that the Germans found themselves at +7 (44-37) at 23 minutes. However, Olympiacos had an answer and with a 4-0 lead was reduced to 44-41 in the 25th minute. The red and white team found offensive solutions with Walkup and took a partial 7-3 lead with a score of 48-47. Barzoka's players maintained their lead and ended the quarter on +3, with a score of 54-51.

Olympiacos started the last period strongly, reaching +9 (60-51) for the first time under the leadership of the terrible Wallcap. Bayern's response was immediate as Ibaka went on an 8-0 run to reduce the score to 60-59. The match then turned into a derby match, with both teams hitting long shots, with both teams leading 68-65 in the 36th minute. The match continued to be close, with Giorgos Bartzokas's team leading +3 (70-67) in the 38th minute. In the closing stages, the Piraeus was very impressive, taking points from shots from Petrosev and Larentzakis, thus reaching the final 76-72 and the match card is pink.

Decades: 14-18, 38-35, 51-54, 72-76

Bayern Munich (Lasso): Weiler-Pope 6 (1/2 2 pts, 1/2 3 pts, 1/2 steal, 3 rebounds, 2 assists), Francisco 18 (3/6 2 pts, 3/4 3 pts, 3/3 steals, 3 assists) decisive), Edwards 2 (0/7 shots), Givai 4, Radoncic, Bonga 4, Bolmaro 1 (0/5 shots), Lucic 8 (2 three-pointers, 5 rebounds), Obst (0/4 shots), Ibaka 18 (7/11 2-pointers, 1/1 3-pointers, 1/1 shot, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks), Harris 9 (4/4 2-pointers, 4 rebounds), Brankovich 2

Olympiacos (Barzoukas): Walks 16 (5/10 2-pointers, 1/1 3-pointers, 3/4 shots, 8 assists), Williams-Goss (4/7 2-pointers, 2 rebounds, 2 assists), Wright 2 (1/4) 2-pointers, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block), Kanan (0/2 2 shots, 0/2 3 points), Larentzakis 8 (2/4 3 points, 2/2 shots, 4 rebounds, 3 assists) , Mitro Long (0/1 3-pointers, 2 fouls), Papanikolaou 5 (1), Brazdeikis 11 (4/7 2-pointers, 3/3 shots, 5 rebounds), Peters 7 (2) /3 2-pointers, 1/2 3 shots, 4 rebounds), Petrusev 14 (6/7 points, 2/2 shots), Sikma, McKissick 5 (1)

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