October 4, 2023

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Olympiacos, Fortunes: The proposal from Saudi Arabia and Olympiacos

Olympiacos, Fortunes: The proposal from Saudi Arabia and Olympiacos
Interest in Greek myrtle is great, but it is not a simple case…

the Costas Fortunes succeeded Olympiacos first goal in an official match of the 2023-24 season And he made his big comeback. It wasn’t the easiest thing either. A year ago, Pedro Martins pulled him out of the plans, but he persisted, worked and was not only active again, but also wearing the captain’s armband.

His contract expires in the summer of 2024 And, as explained by “Realnews” Sunday, to the representative of the Greek aceInterest was transferred from Saudi Arabia. In fact, the information says that it is a very attractive offer, amounting to 2.5 million euros annually, but with a big difference. the A team from Saudi ArabiaShe didn’t want to pay him gold Olympic. She is not averse to giving a guide amount and certainly that is something that will play a role.

Of course, what he wants to do will also play a role luck. Such a suggestion would obviously put him in other thoughts, but it is an improved renewal proposal from him Olympiacos will put an end to all … fears. In none of the cases was Olympiacos expected to reach such a high level, in the numbers of the past. And there, what the Greek ace will “vote”.

However, our information indicates that he is “influenced” by the interest that is present, but also by the subject matter of the proposal. With one important difference for all, here… it’s all in the words. In writing, no one has — for now at least — an official proposal. The player was moved what he could give him, But no one knocked on Olympiacos’ door.

Scarpa’s Premier League stint with Nottingham didn’t go as well as expected, while a financial scam involving cryptocurrency made his stint…on the island even more difficult.

his relationship Olympico with Fortunes He’s been restored now and the question is pretty much what he wants. Personal evaluation, high offer on a new contract with olympic, Will keep it here. He feels useful now, because he is calculated, he is not what he used to be. However, if €2.5m a year for a player with two serious injuries holds true, the temptation is not small. on the contrary…