October 4, 2023

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Checkmate by Olympiacos, Scarpa brings with it an extra quality! | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Checkmate by Olympiacos, Scarpa brings with it an extra quality!  |  Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K writes. Nikolakopoulos in his official gazette blog about the next big move for Olympiacos!

Olympiakos machines are running at full speed. And the “red and white” bring not only Argentines, but also Brazilians!

And I mean it To his old friend Gustavo Scarpa, whom Olympiacos brought from Nottingham to Renti, albeit late in the summer! Checkmate move by Marinakis, which immediately fulfills Martinez’s desire for additional quality in the team’s midfield, both creatively and executively, as the 29-year-old Brazilian has a unique ability to create goals and score goals, both in open play, or through fixed stages.

Scarpa He may not have adapted to a tough Premier League with Nottingham, a team with a coach (Cooper) who doesn’t play attacking football much, chasing a score as a junior in the Premier League, but that doesn’t mean he forgot a ball! We are talking about the best player in the Brazilian League for 2022, with a market value of 10 million euros and has 33 goals and 58 assists in the Brazilian League, 12 goals and 8 assists in 31 matches in the Copa Libertadores. , one goal and two assists in the Copa Sudamericana, and two goals in 11 matches in the Copa Brasil.

the left Scarpa’s leg is golden and this is exactly what Olympiacos wants to take advantage of, putting extra quality in the midfield of his team, along with captain Fortunes, reborn Carvalios, Masura, Bale, Brusai, Croatian Brynnic and the other winger (Idrisi;) who will come.

Incidentally, Scarpa has a community passport and does not hold a foreign position.

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accidental: It is logical that Las Palmas and Cardona have their say, that is, the Spaniard is thinking about it and it is not positive to accept Olympiacos’ proposal. What can they say? That Olympiacos has turned around and signed another left-back, the Argentine? It is understood that Valladolid had their word on Kennedy, that the player is fine, etc. what I say? That the Brazilian came to Greece and weighed seven kilos?

today’s pictureHwang’s contract with Olympiacos was already for 1+2 years. But this does not mean that he does not have power. The Korean signed it and it is completely legal and binding on him until the summer of 2025. If he was not binding, he would not have simply suggested that he and his managers bring 3-4 million euros to Olympiacos to give approval on his transfer to another team. If you are free, you are not making millions of euros to leave. She will not play a friendly against Norwich on July 27.