February 27, 2024

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Bayern – Panathinaikos 84-68: Seriously ill

Bayern – Panathinaikos 84-68: Seriously ill

One week after the heavy defeat against Olympiacos in Oka, Panathinaikos produced one of the same in Munich where they were weak in attack and watched Bayern easily overtake them (84-68). Great match from Rubit

Mission to Munich: Giorgos Kovaris

the Panathinaikos… Patient. This show has been around for three weeks. Where he seemed to find his footing, during this time psychology was below rock bottom. Something reflected in the parquet.

the Bayern Who is not … a basketball superpower, who managed to turn the game into a role play and force the “greens” to their fifth consecutive defeat. A defeat kept them from resolving the playoffs, as they concluded the first round with only 6 wins in 17 matches.

For another match, o Dwayne Bacon “Wake up” in the end, scoring 16 out of 18 points in the last period, while Augustin Robett He was a constant headache for his team Dejan Radonic.

the match

His offensive start was bad Panathinaiko while the Bayern He chose to play solid defense from the first minutes and make even the first passes for the Greens difficult. It is characteristic that the Greek team could not “throw off” all nine points for four minutes, as a result of which the score was 9-9 in the sixth minute 19-9 in their favor. Bayern With a 10-0 streak! The Greens had been very poor up to that point with 0/5 three-pointers, which the home team took full advantage of. In fact, the quarter ended with her Bayern At +10 (21-11) he has 6/12 two pointers, 2/5 three pointers, 9-3 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 fumbles, while missing Panathinaiko Scored from 5/16 on the inside, with 7-3 rebounds and 4 turnovers.

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Not that the picture of the game changed in the second quarter. the Bayern He continued to struggle in defense sending the deficit to +13 (30-17) in the 13th minute. the Cured meat They remained absent, which made it more difficult for the offending visitors to work. The American scored for the first time in the 14th minute, having assisted a 5-0 win over the Greens, with which they lost the lead to 30-22. But there was no continuation of the series. one shot of it Judites He lowered the score to 30-23, but the foul continued to cause inconveniences to So Bayern It took a 13-5 lead and extended the lead to 15 points (43-28) by halftime.

And the numbers had “told” the truth about the German number +15 as being Bayern He scored among all 10 players used 13/23 2-pointers, 4/7 3-pointers, 5/6 shooting, 17-6 rebounds with only 8 assists for 7 innings. On the other hand, mr Panathinaikos He had only 12/37 shooting (10/26 2 throws, 2/11 3 made) plus 2/8 field goals! Weak offenses were highlighted by only 3 assists in the entire half! And with him Cured meat For only two points with 1/7 of the inside children.

With “safety” +15 hours Bayern He had the psychology of managing teams in the third period. Especially since his players Radonik They continued to be misleading picking up where they left off at half time of the match. For the first time, the difference reached 18 points (53-35) in the 27th minute, a sample of the (bad) image of the “Khidr” on the floor of the “Audi Dome”. the Cured meat I continued to be negative and just left the Q bench Panathinaikos He seemed to be liberated by being on guard MineAnd the Walters And the gregones. It was reduced to 55-43 on 8-2 but there was no follow-on.

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In fact, not only was there continuity, but the Greens saw the difference…slip away! in the st Bayern He led by +21 points (67-46) after completely dominating the floor. From that moment on, he seemed to “wake up.” Cured meat But it was too late. He may have scored consecutive points, but it was an extended race, just like last week. All the “greens” could do was reduce to 14 points (71-57, 74-60 and 82-68 in 38 minutes). That’s it, though.

win because: Panathinaikos’ failure was … Bayern’s best assist in order to quickly open the gap and with a 10-0 lead at half-time to take the lead and not lose at all until the end of the match. .

best player: Augustin Robet turned out to be…a Rubik’s Cube for the “greens” since they had no solution to deal with. He was the one who got Bayern to safety by completely controlling the match. He had 23 points on 9/13 two-pointers and 5/6 shooting.

Unseen heroes: Gillespie won many duels in the “drawing room” (10 points, 10 rebounds), while Othello Hunter also had a very good game (10 points, 2/2 square, 9 rebounds).

weak link: Overall, Panathinaikos had a bad night again. By the time all was said and done Bacon was in a negative state (even if he did start a pointless crescendo at the end).

Match fact: The presence of the Panathinaikos fans in the Audi Dome, who did not stop singing, even when the “greens” were far behind in the score.

Match stats: Panathinaikos’ only seven assists and failure with a 24/63 shot.

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Gazita comment: Bad Panathinaikos again. It seems that he is playing with Tatar psychology. No mood, no energy, no players trying. Delivered early and seems to have a lot of problems. Both psychologically and competitively. The defeat in Munich was logical and fair.

Quarters: 21-11, 43-28, 61-44, 84-68.