February 22, 2024

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Bezos calls for gay marriage: Not everyone is becoming open

Bezos calls for gay marriage: Not everyone is becoming open

In the program “You Still Haven't Seen Nothing” the famous actor appeared as a guest Yannis Bezos Sunday afternoon.

Commented the favorite actor among others Same-sex marriage billStressing that if it is voted on, it will be a very positive thing.

I see that there is a lot of noise, which is also reflected in politics, that is, in Parliament. I take it for granted and normal and there can be no disturbance about these things. Greek society remains conservative, Just like our TV, precisely because it feels warm in maintenance. You see the official views in the church saying: But is it possible for the church to say this? But this is what the church will say and it expresses the conservative side. “It would be ironic to say the opposite.” Yannis Bezos said at the beginning.

“This does not mean that society should stay there. Of course, changes do not happen overnight. If it is passed where the bill will be passed I consider it very positive. It is not a question of whether you should or not. Life itself will That will happen at some point, but society needs time to accept that. You push a button and everyone becomes very open to everything. We are a people with strong Christian remnants and a history with a strong connection to the East. These problems are not solved overnight“,” Then he declared.

“There will be unrest, society will react. This does not mean that the state should be left behind. Let me remind you that in 1982 society again reacted towards civil marriage, identities and so on. We must look forward without fear. I would say that tones should be careful on both sides. Among those who defend the draft law and those who defend older morals.” concluded Yannis Bezos.

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