February 20, 2024

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Career advice by Sakis Rouvas

Career advice by Sakis Rouvas

On the occasion of his recent remarks, in which he referred to singers who, in addition to their singing, “star” in commercials for, as he said, “chicken and burgers,” George Dalaras He revealed the career advice he previously gave to Sakis Rouvas.

Speaking on the MEGA program “You Still Haven't Seen Nothing”, the famous singer first commented that his whole life is about “worrying about what it means to be a singer and to sing in our country” and Antonis then singled out Remos, Nikos Vertis, Nikos Oikonomopoulos and Konstantinos Argyros as singers with great talent. Good sound.

“There are dozens of good singers. I appreciate these people and single them out for their good voices. It is one thing to sing and have a good voice, and it is another thing to sing great songs. There are many good singers who do not sing worthwhile songs and of course this is their choice. Giorgos Dalaras added: “ No one will leave the trace of Pithikotzes, nor of Kazanzidis, nor of the rest of the legends of former times.”

Asked about it If it deems that it is forbidden for the singer to make commercial advertisementsGiorgos Dalaras replied, “A person can do whatever he wants depending on the life he has chosen. If a musician or singer decides to change his job and can start a business, Obviously I won't judge him or deal with him anymore. Everyone can do whatever they want. In some advertisements at bus stops I saw chicken and some burgers advertised by several Greek singers“.

In fact, he also talked about “He cursesOn the part of some singers who, although they earn a lot of money and have been rewarded by the world, do not see bad behavior towards society and the aesthetics of the world.

Some Greek singersyou know, very famous people who have a great career, They are hypocrites, meaning their voices are funny. When a person has a good voice, and while he makes a lot of money from his work and the world has rewarded him, he lives a decent and often luxurious life of singing, I think. They must realize that this is bad behavior towards society and the aesthetics of the world It becomes arrogance” he said characteristically.

He then revealed the career advice he had previously given him Saki rufaHe drew his attention to his future steps.

“I talked to him like a brother. I tell him, ‘Listen, Saki, life and singing are not just what the record companies and your friends or the well-wishers who form a clique behind every artist describe to you.’ Be careful what you do from now on.” Because there will be little left for you to do and you will not feel happy later. Skirts and conversations with Elias Psinakis and somersaults will remain. Try to dig deeper into the music, understand what the song is about, understand what the story of the song is, and what that history has left behind in that place. In such a country, we have no right to enjoy the good things of Mykonos, sunshine, french fries, fruit salad, and that's it.“, said Giorgos Dalaras, who admitted that he was “old-fashioned.”

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