July 14, 2024

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Biden insists on the principle of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Biden insists on the principle of Russian invasion of Ukraine

The President threatened that his country would defend every centimeter of NATO territory with full US force, pointing out that an attack on NATO is an attack on all of us.

Biden’s comments came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to withdraw some of his troops, and Russian military officials said some troops along the Ukrainian border had been sent back to Russia.

U.S. officials and their allies in other European countries have expressed skepticism about Russian troop movements, saying most troops are ready to occupy Ukraine quickly.

Although he did not repeat the recent “assessments” of some executives that the Russian invasion was imminent, White House officials insisted that his views did not reflect a change in his administration’s overall judgment on the possibility of an attack by Russia. Times.

The comments come after Putin’s face-to-face meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, following which Putin said Russia would continue to press for its key demands: the withdrawal of NATO presence in Eastern Europe and the guarantee that Ukraine would not join the alliance. .

In this context, the former US Ambassador to Moscow, Jack F. An analysis by Madlock (1987-1991) described the unleashed campaign against Russia for its plans to occupy Ukraine as a “mockery”.

Madlock said: “I may be wrong – unfortunately – but I can not rule out the suspicion that we are seeing a comprehensive mockery enlarged by key elements of the American media to serve a domestic political end.”

The former ambassador assesses that President Vladimir Putin’s demand for a NATO expansion and the creation of a security framework to guarantee Russia’s security in Europe are very reasonable.

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He pointed out that the internal problems of the Biden administration and its failures apparently led to the search for “victory” against Russia.

Despite frequent fears, Putin did not threaten to retake the Baltic states or reclaim any of their territories, although he did criticize some who denied full citizenship rights to Russians, saying the EU was committed to upholding the policy.

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