June 23, 2024

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Biden sends migrants to Greece and Italy

Biden sends migrants to Greece and Italy

CBS writes about the Biden administration’s plan to send migrants seeking to reach the United States to settle in countries like Greece and Italy. The Greek side denies this.

According to a post From CBS The Biden administration plans to deport some migrants from Latin America For installation in Greece and Italy As part of an effort to deny entry into the United States, New immigrants from Mexico and other countries.

According to the report, Representatives of the Greek and Italian governments did not respond to requests for comment.

cbs news, Quoting US government sources who spoke on condition of anonymity It states in more detail that the initiative envisages Greece and Italy receiving migrants whose asylum applications are processed in immigration offices in Latin American countries.

Network sources indicate this The necessary arrangements are being made to implement this procedure. The report indicates that Greece and Italy will accept immigrants from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala, as Canada and Spain already do. But the sources spoke of a small number of immigrants, about 500 per country.

US immigration offices operating in Latin American countries This is part of the Biden administration’s broader strategy to reduce illegal crossings at the U.S. border by providing legal immigration opportunities to would-be immigrants. the Safe transportation offices Allowing some immigrants in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala to apply to come legally to the United States or other countries.

Illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border fell by more than 50% in May from a record high in December. While another procedure What the Biden administration will implement is to block legal applications when illegal flows from a country increase.

The Americans on May 20 Officials met with diplomats from Canada, Italy, Spain and countries that host Safe Mobility offices to discuss the initiative, according to internal Department of Homeland Security documents.

In an interview with CBS News last week. US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also spoke about discussions with Greece.

“We are working with Canada, Spain, and most recently Greece, to create legal pathways for individuals to reach countries, out of the hands of smugglers who simply seek to exploit these individuals for profit,” he said.

Kayrides denies the agreement with the United States regarding migrants

the But Dimitris Kyrides denies the report. With his post on X, in which he states the following:

“The CBS report is incorrect. There is neither an agreement nor a request from the United States to resettle legal immigrants in Greece,” he says and continues:

He added, “The Greek immigration policy is clear and effective, despite international difficulties. Strict protection of borders, respect for the law and human life, combating illegal trafficking, and at the same time, bilateral labor mobility agreements with friendly countries to cover gaps in the labor market and attract talent to strengthen the country in the field of labor mobility.” International Research and Technology Centre.

“Our policy is yielding results as reflected in the low occupancy rate in the National Reception and Identity System, especially in the Eastern Aegean Islands, and the success of the travel visa facilitation program for legal Turkish visitors there, as a result of our increased efforts and concludes credibility in the European Union.”

Minister of Immigration and Asylum He denied the publication while also speaking to SKAI’s R/S saying: He added: “We are in the pre-election period, this is not a politically dead time, and some may want to make an impression.”

However, it should be noted that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke during his recent speech at Elias Tower about “legal immigration as an issue of great concern to us,” stressing the following: He added: “When we are unable to find workers from Greece, we will make sure to bring in workers from abroad with quick and transparent procedures. Because we want to support the primary sector and not face production going to waste simply because there are no workers.”

According to a CBS report. “Greece and Italy are, in many cases, transit countries for migrants hoping to settle in other parts of Europe. Both countries suffer from aging populations and significant labor shortages, which creates an incentive for them to resettle foreign workers.