June 19, 2024

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France: After “lightning in the air”… Macron’s “poker move” – press comments on the result of the European elections

France: After “lightning in the air”… Macron’s “poker move” – press comments on the result of the European elections

After the “lightning in the air” that struck France with the historic victory of the far right in the European elections, the dissolution of the National Assembly, announced by Emmanuel Macron, is a “poker move,” the French press confirms today (10/6), the day after the elections that revealed the lineup. The new European Parliament.

“The double bomb” is the title of the article in the newspaper SouthwestSigned by editor Jean-Pierre Dorian. He explained that “the first erupted with the announcement of the result of the national ultimatum (the National Assembly),” and the second when the French President “announced” the dissolution of the National Assembly.

It’s an “extreme bet,” as Midi Libre and Libération write. “The option to dissolve the National Assembly is a bold one, even dangerous, if at the end of the process the French people choose a national ultimatum and appoint Jordan Bardella as de facto prime minister,” Olivier Biscay says in Medi Libre.

Macron “calls on everyone to wake up from slumber in the face of the national danger threatening the country

“A risky decision,” warns Stephanie Zorn. Voice of the Northas Stephane Verney did in Western FranceHe believes that the call for early elections “threatens a tidal wave from the National Front party on June 30 and July 7,” with Marine Le Pen’s party sweeping the European elections.

For Alexis Price in Le FigaroHe added, “Macron risks handing over the reins of power tomorrow to the party that promised to stop its growth.” He says, “There is a great danger that the head of state will mobilize forces, but against him.”

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“The decision he took yesterday is serious and weighty. It opens a period of great clarification,” he added. “It is up to every Frenchman to make the right decision,” Séverine Houson wrote in his editorial. CrossConsidering that Emmanuel Macron “calls on everyone to wake up from their slumber in the face of the national danger threatening the country.”

“No one can evade responsibility anymore.”

“Populists and Eurosceptics are certainly making progress across the EU, but France is the only country where the gap with the traditional ruling party is so wide,” notes Stephane Verney, from western France.

“France is now emerging as a country at the forefront of this nationalist, populist and xenophobic renaissance across the continent,” according to Paul Quineau in Libération.

Macron’s “bet”, forced to admit his failure, is to “challenge” for the truth “even if it means jeopardizing everything: his camp, his ideas and perhaps even his fate,” writes Stephane Vergad in the mountain .

To the newspaper Lorain RepublicanSebastian George wonders if this is a “smart bet,” [έναν] political calculations, [μια] Restructuring the landscape through new alliances or ad hoc coalitions, [μια] A parody of the status quo, [έναν] earthquake or [μια] scorched earth policy.” For him, however, “it is uncertainty that hangs over France.”

As of Monday morning, every Frenchman “faces his duty”, because “no one can evade his responsibilities any longer. Starting with Emmanuel Macron, who is plunging France into a state of unprecedented uncertainty,” Olivier Biscay points out.

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But Paul Quineau prefers to believe that Macron’s “bet” may be “to prove, before 2027 and the next presidential elections, the inability of the National Alarm System to solve the problems of the French, and thus to bet on its future.” France”.