June 19, 2024

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Turkish media: Greece is threatened by the new Turkish tank

Turkish media: Greece is threatened by the new Turkish tank

“Greece vs Türkiye! The Indians are terrified: Altay is a powerful tank like the M1 Abrams!”

This is the headline of a publication in the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit, in which the new domestically produced Altay main battle tank was showcased, but also accompanied by comments showing Greece and India’s awe at its capabilities.

“Turkey’s first domestic and national main battle tank, the Altay, caused panic in Greece and India. The Indian media, which gave wide coverage to the Altay, said the government should form an alliance with Greece against Turkey and support Greece,” writes Yeni Akit.

“Turkey, which has been making steady strides towards its goal of complete independence in the defense industry, continues to create fear. India has now joined forces with Greece, which looks with envy at every defense industry product produced by Turkey,” he wrote. Yeni Akit Turkish.

The Turkish newspaper then quotes an Indian report that says according to the Turks: “In India-based NBT News it was said that Turkey has produced a main battle tank for the first time in its modern history. This means that the Turkish Army and Turkey will use a large number of Altay tanks so far, and Turkey relies on tanks from Western countries.” The construction of this new tank is linked to the expansion of the Turkish president’s military industry, and Greece is exposed to a greater risk than the Altay tank because it has a serious conflict with Turkey. Greece is a friend and strategic ally of India, and it is also believed that Turkey can use its new tank in such a situation, and India can help its friend. ».

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The Turkish newspaper continues to try to answer the question of whether India will stand by Greece, or actually help it in the event that Ankara launches an attack. “Turkey’s biggest enemy, Greece, is India’s close friend in the Mediterranean,” Yeni Akit wrote, quoting the Indian newspaper once again. “India and Greece enjoy strong defense cooperation.” Indian warships often stop in Greece during their visits to the Mediterranean. In such a situation, India can come forward and save its friend, Greece, from the main tank (i.e. Altay) of Turkey.

The Vice-President of the Kemalists is “threatened” by Thymenae

Türkiye feels threatened by recent Greek military exercises in the Evros region and the Aegean Sea, especially landing exercises on the islands. The Greek military exercises have been described as “provocative” to “incendiary.” The Katagais-24 maneuvers in the Aegean Sea sparked a strong reaction from the deputy head of the main opposition party, retired Vice Admiral Yanke Bagzioglu. According to him, Greece has embarked on training to reclaim the island of Themaina, raising issues of sovereignty.

“Greece conducted exercises to retake the occupied island in the Thymena island complex in the Aegean Sea. Thymena and some islands in this area are considered to have the status of islands whose sovereignty has not been ceded to Greece.

They perform similar exercises called firefighters frequently and systematically. Incendiary is the name given to incendiary boats that attacked Ottoman ships during the rebellion of 1821. After setting fire to the boats, they were carried to the ships with the help of the crew to a final point and then by wind or current. “, he said among other things.

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“The positive vibe is broken,” Haber 7 says.

Under the title “Arrogant move by Greece! This is how they spoiled the positive atmosphere, a step that will anger Ankara…” An article in Khabar 7 accuses Greece of undermining the good atmosphere with Turkey: “Greece carried out a border crossing exercise” at point zero of the border with Turkey. Observers from six different countries monitored the exercises, which used tanks and helicopters. Relations between Turkey and Greece, which had deteriorated in recent years, began to move again in a positive direction, but the Greek side conducted an exercise that will cast a shadow on the positive climate of the new period.

Suzko sees Efros as a threat.

Likewise, the opposition newspaper Sozcu treated the “river road” maneuver in Thrace as part of Greece’s US-sabotaged plan to invade Turkish territory: “Greece, spoiled by the US, conducted a maneuver aimed at crossing the Evros River to zero.” The border point and entry into our territory. The United States of America, Egypt, Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy and the Eastern European Administration participated in the exercises.