February 27, 2024

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Big changes to Google’s Android Auto – new navigation functions (video)

Big changes to Google’s Android Auto – new navigation functions (video)

the The Google The new Android Auto was presented at the CES technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, with a new design complemented by new functionality.

Designed to simplify the drivers connecting experience android mobile in their car’s media system, Google introduced the new version of Android Autoannounced upgrades to the models in which its services were included, as well as a new way in which the Digital Key could be used.

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Google says it’s making changes to the way it presents information They aimed to make it easier to get around and connect with friends and family while driving.

Design changes made to Android Auto Bringing Google Maps closer to the driver, while a new media menu makes selection easier and faster of the driver’s favorite music.

At the same time, there is now a new menu bar, which allows the user to search for recently closed applications and reactivate them with one movement of the hand. The Americans also reported that the split-screen layout in Android Auto can now adapt more effectively to different sizes and shapes. (vertically or horizontally) for screens used by the manufacturer of their multimedia system.

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In addition to the new design, Google says it’s made changes to the Android Auto software, toowhich now features new ‘smart’ reminder functions, for example to re-inform the driver of a missed or missed phone call.

Also new is the function that allows more efficient management of music or video, that allows the user to move to the next track more quickly, While Samsung and Pixel smartphone owners will soon be able to use Whatsapp With Android Auto.

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side by side Samsung and Xiaomi users will soon be able to use their car’s digital keys But also to share it with other people, which until now has been the case for owners of Pixel phones and iPhones.

For cars that have Google services built into their multimedia system, The American company announced that the personal assistant (Google Assistant), maps and other applications from Google Play no longer need smartphone support.

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Also for cars with integrated Google services, Also available are Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 High Definition (HD) maps for Americanswhich are significantly more detailed in the information they provide.

Finally, the American company has announced that it will soon be available on Android Auto and YouTube at the wheel of the car.

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